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iKEMU Offers Real Rewards for Playing Online Games

IKEMU is your number one free online gaming site where you can win real daily rewards. IKEMU offers fun interactive games from top brands to the online community.

Are you tired of playing online games and getting nothing but a gold star by your screen name? The free online gaming site, iKEMU has upped the ante and not only offers online prestige for high scores, but also real rewards. This online gaming forum works with top brands to offer rewards that players love. The rewards are constantly changing and new brands are featured regularly.

Recently iKEMU has introduced a new top brand game from Pita Pit. The Pita Master is an addictive internet game that will have you scrambling to collect the right ingredients to make the perfect pita with the right amount of energy. It may seem simple at first, but gives enough of a challenge to keep players working hard to refine their skills and get the top score. As you play you can see who is also playing the game to establish your competitors, as well as who is scoring the high points so you can establish how well you have to do to gain the lead.

New real rewards are released daily and the top three scorers win real prizes online from the various select game brands and the two leaderboard spot prizes are announced every night at midnight. Win iKEMU’s current featured prizes such as a fresh, healthy yet flavourful pita from Pita Pit, or a tub of Piako Gourmet Yogurt or a Video Ezy Game Rental Voucher. Every day gives new opportunity to competitors to claim the top spots and reap the benefits of their victories.

IKEMU’s vibrant online community is bustling with players aiming to improve their scores and top the charts of each select featured game. The friendly competition will put your skills to the test and push you to refine your gaming techniques in order to reap the benefits of great real rewards. iKEMU is paving the future of casual gaming with their real rewards prize system. Invite your friends and play online games for real rewards with iKEMU. Players can sign up for free and just have to fill out a simple registration form to be accepted into this online gaming community. IKEMU believes in the fun of online gaming and aims to leave players satisfied and excited about the games they play.

IKEMU lists the daily top ten highest scores for each game, so you know exactly what you’re up against. Get involved in online gaming where you can get satisfying tangible rewards. Fill your pass time with fun and see how your gaming abilities measure up to other iKEMU friends and competitors.

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