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Increased demand for data storage drives SLI-Consulting to seek new Korean partners

Asia/Pacific StorageVision 2003 Conference, Grand Inter-continental Hotel, Seoul, October 24, 2003

SLI-Consulting Pty Ltd, a wholly Australian-owned data storage specialist, a speaker and sponsor of IDCs StorageVision 2003 conference has announced it is actively seeking interested partners (particularly original equipment manufacturers - OEMs) in Korea.
During 2002-03 SLI-Consulting enjoyed continuous organic growth of 80 per cent (up from 69 per cent in previous years). Currently 71 per cent of its revenue base is derived from the Korean market and SLI-Consulting has aggressive plans to further leverage its knowledge of the Korean market to expand its operations.
According to SLI-Consultings Principal IT&T Consultant, Jos Goldmann, We are about to enter a new era for data storage in Korea. Industries that have not traditionally been big technology consumers are starting to realise the quality of their output will be compromised without advanced data storage solutions.
This means a tremendous growth opportunity for the data storage industry, particularly in broadcasting, post-production, earth resources, security and surveillance. Also increased the need to store all corporate email as part of increased corporate responsibility will soon affect the Australian market. For example in the US companies now must keep corporate data (including emails) for seven years.
Consequently we are seeking to expand our operations by appointing more partners who have a mid-range to high-end open system data storage focus as well as Mac OSX-centric SI/VARs.
We believe we have one of the most attractive models in the industry as we offer a wide range of value added services and programmes to our partners, Mr Goldmann said.
SLI-Consulting provides a full SNAR (StorageNetwork Authorised reseller) programme, marketing support, special product purchasing programs, training programmes, joint account development, technical support, a warranty programme and onsite maintenance to its partners.
It augments the value its partners receive through a series of value added services such as orientations, consulting, data life cycle methodology, scoping, sizing, design, BMT (Bench Mark Test), TCO/ROI matrix, extensive factory training and no-charge trial units.
I believe our partners benefit from our data storage/data centre consolidation focus and expertise. We liaise directly with project and design engineers for maximum efficiency and minimum downtime and deal directly with the factory, leading to faster response and immediate action on any issues, Mr Goldmann concluded.
SLI-Consulting currently partners with the following vendors: ADIC, Brocade, DataCore, Emulex, IBM, Intel, HP, JNI, QLogic, StorageNetwork, Veritas, Vixel, Xyratex.
Interested organisations are invited to contact Mr Michael Yo SLI-Consulting, Seoul office.
Phone +[82] 19 9155 4351 or michael@sli-consulting.com
About SLI-Consulting Pty Ltd
Founded in 1996, SLI-Consulting is a dedicated data storage consultancy that addresses all platform, service and management issues. The company is a private, 100% Australian owned company, with OEM relationships in Europe, Asia and North America.
SLI-Consultings growing client base, which spans Japan and Germany, is focused on the Asia Pacific, with a subsidiary office in Korea.