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IndiMex Releases New Chilli Sauce Range

Five Mind Blowing Flavours Now Available

BRISBANE [May 2015]: Chef GJ Singh, owner and Head Honcho of IndiMex Café Bar Restaurant has released a range of five delectable chilli sauces to complement his signature cuisine, eloquently tagged: “Funky Indian with a Mexican twist”.

It’d be fair to say that the ‘Mind Blowing Flavours’ of the new sauce range leans a little further toward the Mexican palate however Chef GJ is keen to point out that the sauces ‘twist’ the Mexican slant just a tad further than the dishes do on their own.

Each sauce is a stepping stone to greater heat. It starts at Habanero BBQ Sauce with ‘medium’ heat, a smoky, garlic-infused potion that can be described as a clever fusion of four sauces (barbecue, tomato, chilli and mustard) and works brilliantly with eggs, sausages and anything barbecued.

It progresses to ‘hot’ with Blazing Saddles Chilli Sauce and Scotch B Pepper Sauce, both lip-quivering and highly flavoursome .

For the brave – the very brave – there are two eye-watering, gullet-inflaming, scalp-sweating varieties.

First, the formidable Scorpion Pepper Sauce which contains the Trinidad scorpion chilli and is rated at 1,463,700 on the Scoville Heat Units scale. A blazing concoction of vinegar, chilli and sea salt, it’s awesomeness lies in its utter heat.

Then there is Reaper Pepper Sauce, a force to be reckoned with for those who consider themselves extreme heat lovers! Its fire comes from the newly appointed “world’s hottest chilli”, the California Reaper, rated at 1,569,300 in Scoville Heat Units. A single drop may make mere mortals whimper, but for the superheroes among us, it will be just the shot in the arm that makes a meal an experience.

In the year since its launch, IndiMex has enamoured itself to customers seeking something a little edgier than standard Indian fare.

“We’re an Indian restaurant,” GJ explains, “but we do things differently. We take well known, traditional Mexican outers, stuff them with authentic Indian fillings and garnish with accompaniments from both cuisines.” And devotees return time and again for their fix.

The signature dish, the IndiMex Burrito features a Mexican tortilla wrap filled with an Indian curry (chicken, beef, lamb or seafood), folded and gratinated with cheese. It’s served with biryani rice, guacamole, black lentils and sour cream.

GJ believes the chilli sauce range is simply the next dimension in flavour for the IndiMex menu. “My dishes are already packed with flavour, yes, but many people enjoy being able to customise their food to exactly the heat and flavour intensity that they choose,” he says.

The Mind Blowing Flavours chilli sauce range is available to purchase directly from IndiMex at 401 Logan Road, Greenslopes. As a launch promotion, takeaway orders valued at more than $100 receive one bottle of sauce for free.

IndiMex is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner (with breakfast Wednesday to Sunday) and also offers takeaway and home delivery within seven kilometres of their Stones Corner store.

IndiMex, owned by international Chef GJ Singh is Australia’s first restaurant offering “funky Indian with a Mexican twist”.