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innovateAustralia assists to seed growth of Australia’s advanced precision manufacturers

Melbourne, 09 May 2011 – From 24 to 27 May 2011, Australia’s premier advanced precision manufacturing and machine tool exhibition will once again be the platform where Australia’s metalworking world meets. To succeed on the global stage, manufacturers need to be up to date with the latest developments and technologies - because knowledge is power and lack of knowledge entails inefficiency.

The 370m innovateAustralia showcase, a Lynx Project activity and funded through the Industry Cooperative Innovation Program, is designed to help connect visitors to organisations representative of and significant to their industry. Sponsored by Enterprise Connect, it will inform of possible business opportunities and assist to seed the growth of Australian advanced precision manufacturers.

AMTIL (Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited) is excited to have the support of Enterprise Connect, an Australian Government initiative backed by industry that offers customised advice and support to eligible Australian businesses to help them reach their full potential. Enterprise Connect offers support in the manufacturing, creative, mining, defence and clean energy industries. Enterprise Connect marks an excellent partnership with what the innovateAustralia showcase is set out to achieve, and business advisors will be at hand to talk and give advice to interested visitors.

Enterprise Connect recognises that one of the biggest challenges facing businesses is having the skills and know-how to implement innovative changes in their business. Through a national network of Enterprise Connect Manufacturing Centres, highly skilled business advisors deliver integrated, practical services that help small and medium businesses improve productivity, build internal capacity and capitalise on their growth potential.

As one of the high-profile speakers at the Victorian Government Opportunity Cafe area, Rhys Piper, Deputy State Director Victorian Manufacturing Centre for Enterprise Connect, will sit down with AMTIL CEO Shane Infanti 12pm, Wednesday 25 May, and explain how businesses can benchmark their business, set goals, performance targets and growth strategies.

The Victorian Government Opportunity Cafe area features a timetable for visitors to sit down and listen to industry leaders discuss relevant supply chain and major project topics in a relaxed informal caf setting (a complete schedule can be found on www.austechexpo.com.au/inside/). Discussions with AMTIL CEO Shane Infanti, the Victorian Government representative David Latina for the Department of Business and Innovation, representatives from HydroGen, Invetech, GippsAero, Thales, Enterprise Connect, FAPM, the Industry Capability Network (ICN) or the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO), just to mention a few.

“The need for companies to be thinking about innovation and better ways of producing components and products has never been more important than it is today,” says AMTIL CEO and Austech Exhibition Director Shane Infanti. “innovateAustralia is about showcasing some of the major projects that Australia is currently involved in, highlighting these opportunities and the capabilities that our manufacturers need to have to be in that space. What we want to do is get more companies to a level of technical capability that allows them to access the supply chains of these projects.”

innovateAustralia is a Lynx Project activity and funded through the Industry Cooperative Innovation Program. It is designed to help connect Austech and National Manufacturing Week visitors to organisations representative of, and significant to their industry, inform them of possible business opportunities and assist to seed the growth of Australian advance precision manufacturers.