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Introducing Gilson VERITY 1900 MS Detector

Mass Spectrometry Available for Your Laboratory

Accelerate Your Rates of Discovery

Gilson VERITY 1900 MS Detector
VERITY 1900 MS Detector is a Single Quadrupole
Mass Spec Detector with Integrated Splitter and Make-up Pump

Confirm molecular weight of your contents in record time for each collected fraction all along the purification process, removing any need for subsequent analytical verification.

Accumulate fractions based on target mass, and benefit by:

  • Lowering the number of fractions per prep injection
  • Dry down Fewer Fractions
  • Reconstitute and analyse fewer fractions

Discover Unmatched Accessibility

VERITY_Hand_Gilson Chip-Based Mass Spectrometry
Chip-Based Mass Spectrometry

Chip-based technology transforms the way in which mass spec is approached. The specialised miniature system components cause the VERITY 1900 MS Detector to:

  • Use less energy
  • Require minimal maintenance
  • Offer users more benchspace
  • Works without a roughing pump or nitrogen generator
  • Operates significantly quieter in comparison to traditonal MS

Read the brochure for our Gilson VERITY 1900 MS Detector

For more information on the Gilson VERITY 1900,
Please contact our team of Laboratory experts
Email: automation@johnmorris.com.au
Free call AUS. 1800 251 799 and NZ  0800 651 700
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About Gilson
Gilson is a global manufacturer and inventor of liquid handling solutions for the life sciences industry supplied by John Morris Scientific. By working closely with the scientific community, Gilson has created a complete portfolio of easy-to-use automated pipetting and chromatography instruments that enable scientists to produce verifiable data for numerous applications. With worldwide R&D, service, and support, Gilson helps the scientific community by simplifying lab life and accelerating a researcher’s pace to discovery, reproducibility and traceability.