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Introducing Maria Boznovska of Live Gratefully

Communeco is representing author, motivational speaker and thought leader, Maria Boznovska

Known for her inspirational, thought-provoking posts in her popular Live Gratefully Facebook community, author and mother-of-four, Maria Boznovska, is now taking her message to the world: love yourself, be yourself and live gratefully without exception.

The author, motivational speaker, thought leader and inspirational woman behind the highly engaged Facebook page Live Gratefully (www.facebook.com/livegratefullytoday), has dedicated her life to finding blessings, love and gratitude in the hardships—and inspiring others to do the same through her introspective discoveries, thought-provoking poetry and lead-by-example journey. 

Maria's book, How to Live Gratefully (Balboa Press) was released earlier this year and is a collection of her most popular Facebook posts—entries that struck a chord with her Live Gratefully community since it formed in 2014. Her second book will be released in early 2017.

With the support and encouragement of her community, Maria has left her corporate accountancy career behind to live her life's purpose: spreading inspiration for people to find their own gratitude and to focus on the "good in life", despite what hardships they may have faced.

The Sydney resident has dealt with many of her own lows, from a broken marriage, weight issues and loss of self-worth to the devastation of losing her unborn child. Yet through her darkest hours she was able to "find thankfulness" and inspire others facing their own struggles.

"If we are human there are always going to be hard times—testing our deepest resolve to either rise above or succumb to the darkness that can feel all-encompassing," Maria says. "Finding gratitude can lift us up, connect us to a higher purpose and lessen the pain... but it's a conscious decision to reach for the good when life is throwing you lemons."

"I have an affinity with lost and hurting women. Whatever your story, your experience, your pain, your shame, your betrayal, your guilt, the numbness you may feel right now may have resulted in the loss of your identity and self-worth. I understand it, I get you!"

Maria says the negatives of life can actually become powerful tools to bring inspiration, hope and healing to others.

"Sometimes when it appears things are falling apart, stop! Consider this perspective: They may actually be falling into place."

Visit the Live Gratefully community at www.facebook.com/livegratefullytoday

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