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Introducing Thematic Mapper for Easy In-map Analytics

The Thematic Mapper app just released on MapDeck.com unlocks in-map analytic capabilities for organisations of any size or budget.

Traditionally, access to spatial information, and the tools required for analysing and visualising that information, was restricted to only companies with substantial budgets. Organisation had two options: either deploy a suitable infrastructure in-house and employ expert analysts, or alternatively, source specialist advice from external consultants.
Both these options have one thing in common - cost. We are talking about tens of thousands, and very often hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual expenditure. It's no surprise that many organisations cannot afford location intelligence at these prices.
The arrival of cloud-based online mapping tools is changing all that, democratising access to vital information for everybody, even the smallest companies, as well as individuals. 

With the release of the Thematic Mapper application, MapDeck is taking the concept of in-map DIY spatial analytics to a whole new level. 
In particular, Thematic Mapper is an example of the new generation of online mapping tools which allow full personalisation of information content on maps. That is, unlike traditional online maps which require an administrator to configure for end users what data to display and how, Thematic Mapper gives each user full control over the entire map creation and map publishing/sharing process. It is a whole new approach to creating online maps and interacting with spatial data in real time.
Experience how easy it is to use Thematic Mapper by exploring how it helps with finding a quick answer to a highly complex and often debated question: "Do the rich always get richer?" 

For a limited time, all MapDeck users have the opportunity to try Thematic Mapper at no cost. The app is available on a one month free subscription until 20 December.
Use this invite code to sign up: f10dc1f2 if you are not yet a MapDeck user. 
About MapDeck:
MapDeck is an online marketplace for spatial information and simple-to-use, task-oriented tools to support a variety of activities, be it business or investment related, environmental, community or policy focused. 
By collecting the most useful spatial data in one place, and providing simple tools to interact with it, MapDeck makes it easy for anybody to take advantage of location intelligence technology and to derive invaluable, personalised information for decision making.
We make spatial information and analysis ready data accessible to all. Locate, map, act!

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