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Introduction of MOB+ Wireless Kill Switch to Australia

The Maritime Safety Store, Sydney Australia, is pleased to announce the introduction of MOB+ Wireless Kill Switch and Man Overboard system to Australia.

The MOB+ is a revolutionary and award winning marine safety product created by Fell Marine of Norway.

The MOB+ Wireless Cut-Off Switch consists of only a few items. A xHUB, a xFOB which can be worn inside the wristband, lanyard or on your lifejacket or in your pocket. The xFOB is placed in the wristband, the xHUB is installed in the boat. The principle which the MOB+ function is based on, relies on a wireless connection between the xFOB and the xHUB. If the connection is broken, either because the user falls into the water, or distanced him/herself 50 feet from the boat unit, the engine will stop instantly. An extra safety feature is that the engine can be restarted after six seconds, allowing the others onboard to quickly rescue the person in the water.

Stuart McDonald at The Maritime Safety Store: “We are extremely happy to bring Fell Marine products to Australia making their lifesaving and hi-tech safety products available to the Australian boating community”

Make contact with The Maritime Safety Store for information about buying the MOB+ in Australia!