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IOT will be the largest Blockchain - Crypto Miners in Australia.


ASX listed “IOT Group Limited” (ASX:IOT) has signed a contract worth over $190,000,000 with Royalti Blockchain Group to install BitFury’s (BitFury is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency miners) Blockchain Hardware Solutions in the IOT Blockchain Applications Centre (BAC). Royalti Blockchain Group is BitFury’s Authorised Australian Integrator and approved partner and will house the BitFury Containers “off the grid” at the IOT Blockchain Application Centre (BAC) based at Hunter Energy’s Power Station in Crypto Valley aka Hunter Valley.

“The ten year contract is to supply 20 megawatts of power to Royalti Blockchain Group to install Bitfurys Blockchain Hardware Solutions to operate within the proposed IOT Blockchain Applications Complex behind the Grid at the Hunter Energy Power Station in the Hunter Valley. It will generate almost $20,000,000 per year for 10 years.  In addition there has been incredible interest from other Crypto Groups which will be signed up over the coming weeks which will deliver substantial revenues and profits to the IOT Group” says Founder & Executive Director of the IOT Group, Sean Neylon. “IOT will be the largest Blockchain - Crypto Miners in Australia.”

“Blockchain is an evolution that is changing the way we do business and communicate. The establishment of the BAC is enormously beneficial to Australia because it’s bringing a whole new Tech industry to the country. Previously the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency miners would not even dream of coming here because the cost of power is too high. With The IOT Group taking power from Hunter Energy BEFORE it goes on the grid they are able to sell the power to the crypto miners at a less expensive rate than anywhere in Australia “ continues Neylon.

“The IOT Group will only be using a small portion of the power generated by Hunter Energy and IOT are also currently negotiating with renewable Power suppliers to offer a similar arrangement around Australia to accommodate all of IOT’s Crypto clients. We have an enormous amount of Blockchain – Crypto mining interest - concludes Neylon.

TO INTERVIEW The IOT Group’s SEAN NEYLON email max@marksonsparks.com or call Max Markson 0412501601

 ABOUT ROYALTI & BITFURY Royalti Blockchain Group is BitFury’s Authorised Australian Integrator and approved partner and will install 20 megs worth of BitFury container size enclosures which is fully equipped with their state of the art computers complete with racks, cooling equipment etc. Their unique computer that is used for mining cryptocurrencies is recognised as the most efficient in the world. . www.bitfury.com