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ISACA’s Cybersecurity Nexus Introduces Certificates for Security Beginners

CSX also adds new Virtual Cyber Academy training subscription and CSXP exam

Sydney, Australia (11 October 2018) Global technology and cybersecurity association ISACA, creator of the Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX), has launched four certificates as part of its new CSX Foundations Series. Intended for entry-level security professionals and those seeking a career change to cybersecurity, the self-paced courses will help students build technical skills through hands-on learning in a live environment.
The CSX Foundation Series consists of three new courses and four certificates:
Each of the first three certificates is earned after completing the course by the same name. The CSX Technical Foundations certificate is given to those who have successfully completed all three.
“The cybersecurity workforce has continued to experience a huge skills gap and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future,” said Frank Downs, Director of Cybersecurity at ISACA. “ISACA’s CSX Foundation Series aims to help entry-level professionals gain basic and technical skills, giving them the advantage they need to succeed in their security roles now and in the future.”
Suited for individual learning styles, the courses take place in a virtual, self-guided environment, so users can learn at their own pace in any location. Individual courses are available for US $250 for ISACA members and US $450 for nonmembers or at a discounted bundled rate of $600 for members and $960 for nonmembers.
Cyber Academy Subscription Now Available
The latest certificates are also a part of ISACA’s immersive training experience to better prepare the next wave of cybersecurity professionals. ISACA’s Cybersecurity Nexus recently introduced the Virtual Cyber Academy, a self-paced subscription package with more CSX training available on-demand at a discounted rate for professionals seeking to expand or improve their skills. Individuals can take the training any time and anywhere, and new labs are added throughout the year to help users stay ahead of emerging threats.
New CSXP Exam Launched
ISACA also unveiled a new CSX Practitioner (CSXP) certification exam to reflect an updated job practice. CSXP is the only comprehensive performance certification that tests an individual’s ability to perform globally validated cybersecurity skills spanning five security functions: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover. Following the new job practice analysis, the contents of the exam are now:
  •          Domain 1-Business and Security Environment (23%)
  •          Domain 2-Operational Security Readiness (23%)
  •          Domain 3-Threat Detection and Evaluation (27%)
  •          Domain 4-Incident Response and Recovery (27%)
ISACA’s Cybersecurity Nexus offers resources to help cybersecurity professionals at every level of their careers build the skills and knowledge that they and their organisations are seeking. For additionally information on CSX guidance, research tools or certificates, visit: https://cybersecurity.isaca.org.
Nearing its 50th year, ISACA® (isaca.org) is a global association helping individuals and enterprises achieve the positive potential of technology. Today’s world is powered by technology, and ISACA equips professionals with the knowledge, credentials, education and community to advance their careers and transform their organisations. ISACA leverages the expertise of its 450,000 engaged professionals in information and cybersecurity, governance, assurance, risk and innovation, as well as its enterprise performance subsidiary, CMMI® Institute, to help advance innovation through technology. ISACA has a presence in more than 188 countries, including 217 chapters worldwide and offices in both the United States and China.
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