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JustSociale Brings Together National Stakeholders for a Special Event

Celebrating Australia’s First Online Code of Conduct And Being #WellConnected

On Tuesday 1st June, JustSociale welcomed key individuals from government and non-profit organisations, media and technology industries, as well as the private sector for a special VIP cocktail reception held in Chippendale. The evening was an opportunity for various national stakeholders from diverse backgrounds to get together to raise a glass to online human rights.

“The event was a huge success. We were thrilled to see so many people supporting our cause and it was a great opportunity to remind people what we are working towards,” says Sarah Liberty, CEO of JustSociale. “We were also able to release some initial results from a poll we are currently running, giving our attendees first access to information about the surprising online activities of Australians. These results indicate that the majority of people around the country do not understand their online human rights, which is a huge concern.”

Sarah goes on to explain: “In 2012, the UNHCR declared that our online human rights are no different to our offline human rights. Yet - almost ten years on - how can it be that so many Australians are still unaware that they have online human rights, or how to guarantee they are protected? Our vision is to ensure that the internet is universally accessible, inclusive and safe, so that diverse Australians can use it to stay #WellConnected with each other and the global community.”

JustSociale is Australia’s first ACNC-accredited NGO dedicated to promoting online human rights and good digital citizenship. Last year JustSociale launched the nation’s first Online Code of Conduct. The Code has quickly gained momentum, with support from stakeholders across the business, non-profit, creative, tech and media sectors around the country.

The #WellConnected campaign is a movement that JustSociale is using to encourage all Australians to interact on digital platforms in a way that is not detrimental to physical or mental health. It means creating a safe online space for all, working to protect your own online rights, as well as the rights of others. JustSociale’s Code of Conduct makes it easier for businesses and individuals to ensure they are promoting a healthy online environment. The Code aims to increase trust in online platforms by enhancing the transparency, accountability and effectiveness of the Code’s signatories. 

Over the course of the evening, Sarah shared her motivations for founding JustSociale in 2020. It was her own personal experience of being hacked and digitally surveilled by a formerly abusive partner that made Sarah discover a flaw in the system. Today, Sarah is dedicated to enabling all Australians to feel safe and self-empowered online, and to tap into the unparalleled opportunities offered by the Internet and those who operate in the digital space. 

The event was held at Jung Sung, located in the Old Rum Store on Kensington Street in Chippendale. Head Chef Insup Kim created a menu specifically for the occasion, turning signature Jung Sung dishes into canapes for the evening. 

For more about JustSociale, #WellConnected and the Code of Conduct, visit www.justsociale.org

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Sarah Liberty Bio:  

Sarah Liberty is the Founder and CEO of JustSociale. A social entrepreneur, public speaker, radio presenter, podcaster and human rights advocate, her career has spanned executive roles in the media and NGOs in London, New York, Jogjakarta, Sydney and Paris. Sarah recently completed her Master of International Relations: Human Rights, at Sciences Po University, Paris, and hosts a weekly international #FeministFriday Podcast available on all major podcast platforms reaching 42 countries. Sarah is an Ambassador for UN Women’s #GenerationEquality campaign and is regularly approached by the media to comment on human rights, social entrepreneurship, international relations, technology and social media news