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JWA clinches innovation award from international erosion control group

Fully recycle FODS Trackout Mats offers environmental and cost-friendly solution to project sites

Australian-firm JWA has won an innovation award from the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) Australasia for its unique sediment control matting system.

The FODS Trackout Control Mats on Thursday received the Highly Commended Award under the category of Excellence in Innovation, Contribution or Education to the Erosion and Sediment Control Industry in this year’s environmental excellence awards.

Established in 1995, the IECA Australasia Awards celebrates innovation and recognises organisations that have made outstanding contributions to reduce erosion and improve sediment control in the civil engineering industry. 

“Environmental sustainability and erosion control is a major issue in the construction and resource industries and our goal is to offer innovative solutions for companies to easily adopt the best practices,” says Hensley Wee, Business Development Manager at JWA. 

“We will all benefit as the industry advances towards ownership in environmental protection as an integral part of their operations, especially as more projects move into greenfield land.”

The patented pyramid design of the FODS Trackout mats, made of fully recyclable plastic, effectively removes mud and debris from equipment tires thus containing the sediment within a project site. The mat is reusable and can be easily transported, making it a more environmental and cost friendly solution to other methods, such as putting crushed rocks on sites. 

Construction sites across the country face a common problem - building an effective sediment control method at the entry and exit points so the roads and paths beyond the site’s boundaries are clean and clear, reducing ongoing maintenance of these areas and to reduce cleanup costs.

Current practices of either putting down crushed rocks, or installing steel rumble grids each have their own limitations. Rock pads cannot be used on sites with sticky clay soils. It requires constant monitoring for blockage and is also not reusable, while it also needs to be regularly replenished.

Extra preparatory work needed for rumble grids also make them a less than ideal solution. The rumble grids require trenching at the area to create sediment deposit chambers, which needs to be cleaned out regularly.

FODS matting is a solution to the shortfalls of the current products in the market. The highly robust and portable mats can be laid down directly on nearly all ground surfaces, which eliminates the need for any digging or trench work, and they can also be cleaned in situ thus minimising disruptions to work flow on sites.

The mats are also environmentally friendly as they offer a protection layer to minimise ground disturbance, while being fully recyclable after an expected life-cycle of over 10 years.

FODS mats were initially trialled at the Melbourne Metro Tunnel project, the West Gate Tunnel project as well as at Incitec Pivot’s fertiliser distribution centre in Townsville. All project managers were so impressed with the mats’ performance that they are now an integral part of their track out systems on site.


JWA is an Australian company committed to providing innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions to the resources and industrial sectors. Our company has supported major energy and infrastructure projects across the country, including the construction of LNG projects, road and rail programs and renewable developments.