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Kazoik for Business

Kazoik now for the business community!

Kazoik, the 5 minute rapid-fire auction site is pleased to announce its endorsement from the SME Association of Australia and the launch of Kazoik for Business.

On Thursday at 17h00 there will be a Business focussed Kazoik. This means that there is now two events each week along with the Daily Deals.

What is Kazoik?

It is a Verb! A Kazoik is a 5 minute Auction where the highest bid wins: No Reserves. No Minimums. No Auto-bids. No Fuss!

Kazoiks happen on a Wednesday evening at 20h00 with 5 five minute auctions between 20h00 and 21h00.

There are some awesome deals to be got - but be quick, when the five minutes runs out the current highest bidder will get the deal!

There are 3 main offers for brands:

Kazoik – brands get to participate for free, beyond the product they are making available for the auction, which is typically part of a company’s marketing budget. There are no charges nor fees for the brand to get involved.

2. Voucher – Once the auction has run, the brands have an opportunity of delivering a call-to-action offer such as a coupon or voucher or special offer to all those that participated, multiplying the exposure on offer. This is trackable and will lead to further sales opportunities.

3. Media – We know who the customers are, we know where they are online and can now offer brands opportunities to re-market to them, and if desired, similar audiences, without the additional costs and time of other re-marketing activities and services.

Why Kazoik for Business then?

There were a few reasons for the creation of the dedicated business version of Kazoik.

We were getting requests to promote services and business related products. Where we fully believe that all business people are consumers and vice versa there are times when business needs to remain just that; business.

The SME Association, who is a vocal and active organisation for small and medium businesses loved the idea of getting their members an opportunity to be part of Kazoik and so through their endorsement and some brain-storming we built Kazoik for Business.

The next driver was that a large number of SME’s don’t have an e-commerce ready website.

In these times and the current situation, the need to transact online can be the difference between being in or out of business.

Kazoik is a fully-fledged e-commerce platform and so we will extend opportunities to the members to be able to sell and offer their services and products through our portal.

Finally, this is an opportunity to find out about great offers and experience them at incredible prices. It is a win-win for everyone.






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