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Keeping Event Guests Happy Is As Easy As Keeping Them Busy

Perth creative events company suggests building your entertainment into your event theme.

Perth, WA, 20 January 2014 – Providing interactive entertainment at a corporate event or special celebration is paramount, says Jeni Donald, Business Development Manager for Phenomenon Creative Event Services in Perth. “In order to keep guests entertained and ensure maximum impact, we believe in coordinating the event theme as a whole concept.”

Phenomenon, a top company in the Western Australian event production industry, offers more than forty creative themes on which to plan an event. Theming and strategising the event is the tip of the iceberg, Donald says, and arranging the entertainment is the icing on the cake!

“These days, guests expect more than just drinks, dinner, MC and dancing,” Donald says. “Expectations have shifted. High quality in the form of engaging entertainment, spectacular theming and sensational food and beverage are essential to the success of any event.”

Prime examples of Donald’s concept – ones that have earned a reputation for going “above and beyond” – include events based upon popular and elaborate themes like Alice, Wild West, Oriental, Hollywood, 1980s and the roaring ‘20s.

The rad 1980s is a favoured theme with Phenomenon’s clients, combining a rich cornucopia of colour, light and sound. DJ’s, professional ‘breakdancers’ and authentic arcade games like PacMan and Space Invaders are all ways guests can be a part of the action. This theme also allows guests the opportunity to show-off those 80’s dance moves like the robot, moonwalk and the worm!

“It’s about having fun,” Donald says, “but for us on a professional level, it’s about maximising the impact of the event. The more there is to do and see, the greater the impression on the company and their clients or staff.”

Imagine this: as guests take part in an exotic Arabian theme, they travel down the magic carpet to an exotic marketplace of palm trees, flowing silk fabrics and Moroccan lanterns. Guests are greeted by a real camel, or surrounded by belly dancers, snake charmers and may opt to have their future revealed by a tarot card reader.

Vegas or Casino is another theme that always remains in the Top 10. When there is nothing to lose, everyone comes out a winner! With a handful of pretend poker chips, surrounded by the luxury of Aston Martins, Las Vegas show girls, flashing lights and gaming tables, guests can try their luck at Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, or spin the Money Wheel knowing that they’ll leave having lost nothing but having had a great experience.

“Professional event producers should consider four crucial things,” Donald says. “Listen to your client; keep your guests engaged; appeal to all five senses; deliver an experience”. Make people ‘feel’ like they have been transported to another place, another time - as if they’re actually at Vegas or back in the 80’s.

Donald also insists that music, choreographed dance routines, entertainers, roaming actors and photographers are essential to a successful, exciting and truly fun event. Phenomenon’s event producers are confident that with their experienced team, an overflowing warehouse of props, furniture and styling elements, and their extensive source of venues, caterers and entertainers, they can take any event to the next level.

“Don’t hesitate to contact us with your event ideas,” Donald says, “If you have an idea that isn’t quite at its fruition, we can make it happen. We’re proud to say we are good at what we do and we also love experimenting with new ideas.”

“Our event production team and creative designer will work directly with you to manage and deliver the full impact of your message.”

Phenomenon Creative Event Services has earned its reputation for excellence and service in the Perth area. The Phenomenon team will make your next event one to remember. Visit their website at http://www.phenomenon.com.au/ or phone them on 1300 33 9000.