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Keystone Contributes to Aldinga Library’s Interiors with Designer Dowel Ceiling

Keystone, a leader in architectural linings and acoustic solutions, lived up to their reputation for precision and product consistency through their contribution to the Aldinga library’s designer dowel ceiling. Their products Key-Lena Palette Series Ebony MDF with 19mmx195mm dowels and perimeter panels Perforated Key-Lena Palette Series Ebony MDF featured in this project.  

Brown Falconer Architects were commissioned by the library, situated in Aldinga Beach, to redesign the interiors. Their head of interior design, Kristi Cook, wanted to highlight natural materials of timber, coral and the nearby beach into a modern design. Inspired by dowels used to make peg boards, Kristi wanted the design to create a ‘beachy feel’. This led to the round timber dowel for the feature ceiling component of the library.


Keystone supplied the backing board of coloured MDF to which the dowels were attached. 169 dowels were attached to each of 250 panels. 42,450 dowels were used to create the ceiling which measures to 8.5km. The main plan of the architects was to create a reflective feature ceiling that would incorporate many services such as CCTV, lights, smoke detectors, coupled with easy access and maintenance. The dowels were perfectly placed to hide these services in the design.


Keystone’s products that were used in this project included Keystone Linings and Acoustics Key-Lena Palette Series Ebony with 195mm pine dowels and Key-Lena Palette Series Ebony MDF with 19mmx195mm dowels. The perimeter panels were Perforated Key-Lena Palette Series Ebony MDF.


Keystone products include their extensive list of eco-friendly and fully customisable fire rated options that are excellent for the construction of beautiful, functional and totally unique spaces. The company has 40 years of service in providing the best quality ceiling, lining and wall panels.


Keystone offers custom-designed panels that fits every requirement. Fixing apertures, slotting and radius corners are undertaken directly at their production facility, thus ensuring accuracy when a panel is fitted to be a part of a larger fabrication or structure.


The company can be contacted for information on their products and meeting specific acoustic requirements by calling (02) 9604 8813.

To know about Keystone products, visit their website: http://www.keystoneacoustics.com.au/