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Kiwis Hiring Campervans And Motorhomes

NZ Industry Report & Consumer Survey NZ/AUS - Reach

A new industry report on campervans and motorhomes has just been released from FIRST, a leading marketing and digital strategy agency. The report and the consumer research show how well NZ/AUS companies are ranking within search and what customers would like campervan and motorhome providers to improve.

By utilising their bespoke metric called RBR (Rankings Based Reach) FIRST revealed that Maui leads the RBR for the analysed search terms – followed by Apollo Camper and Britz. The campervan provider industry is highly competitive with bigger and smaller players urging for a bigger market search share. If taking a look at paid search, a random search for “campervan hire” showed that not just in organic search many players are trying to rank well but also in paid search, where 11 companies are ranking. That represents the maximum allowed amount for the first page.

Companies who want to compete with high volume search terms need a sophisticated digital strategy and should also consider niche consumer search behaviour in their digital marketing strategies.

Furthermore, FIRST evaluated how well the analysed companies were ranking in Google Australia when people from Australia searched for “campervan hire nz” related terms. The results were quite the same, apart from one provider which’s ranking position significantly decreased in Australia’s search engine (compared to the NZ RBR result found in the report).  

Another interesting discovery was that most people who hired a campervan or motorhome said to go to a search engine first, to find a campervan/motorhome to hire, followed by people who directly visited a webpage of a known provider.

FIRST also asked the survey participants what they thought was most important when considering to hire a motorhome and what the main reason was, why they booked the specific provider.

This and much more was discovered in the industry report, which can be downloaded at the FIRST homepage for free.