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Kwasi Studios Opens New Online Marketing Office in Adelaide

Kwasi Studios, a rapidly growing new digital media company from South Australia, have just moved into their new offices.

Located in the heart of Modbury, the offices provide Kwasi Studios with an opportunity to further expand their business and service more clients with innovative online marketing solutions, with an emphasis on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as a part of an overall inbound marketing strategy.

The light-filled, open plan set-up of the offices provides a perfect environment for creative stimulation, and Woj, the Director, is keen to retain a sense of fun in the office: “I've set up a place that will enhance communication by removing unnecessary barriers such as walls & separate offices. The team can work closely together & be inspired by one another. This enables us to generate great ideas for our clients.”

Having spent some time planning the new office, Woj is extremely happy with how it has turned out. “I'm thrilled. It's great to finally be settled in & ready to work”, he says. “The novelty hasn't worn off yet. It's still got that new office smell”.

Now that the team have set up in a new space with the best gear, they have wasted no time in getting back to work. With a growing list of clients, there is little time to gaze at the newly painted walls. “We've got plenty to do”, Woj says. “We're a young & hungry team of creative people ready to help businesses improve their online visibility, especially in search engines where they're often neglected”.

We start by reviewing a company's online presence by conducting an audit of their website which gives us a great roadmap as to what needs to be done in coming months. Next we renovate the website so that it's found by robots (search engines) & humans. And of course, ensure that the humans get converted into customers.”

With an expanding team of young talent and a new, dynamic office, Kwasi Studios is more ready than ever to provide the cutting edge SEO Adelaide and the rest of Australia has been waiting for. 

About Kwasi Studios

Founded by Woj Kwasi in 2011, Kwasi Studios is a quickly growing new digital media company, specialising in SEO, inbound marketing and content strategies. They optimise websites, increasing website visibility across the internet & produce interesting content for both humans and robots.