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KYRA Comfort Stirrup Available at Endovision

Endovision was established in 1987 providing pharmaceutical, medical and surgical companies with specialised niche products, including personalised service to Operating Theatres, laparoscopic and urological surgeons.

Surgical equipment specialists Endovision now stocks The KYRA Comfort Stirrup that has introduced a new standard in lithotomy positioning. With more pressure reducing padding, it has more room for larger legs.

With over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, medical and surgical industries Endovision has always focussed on niche products within the medical and surgical field. Their goal is to continue to bring the latest innovations and technology to the Australian market while making sure to offer them at a competitive price.

KYRA Medical’s unique medical stirrup design allows ½” more padding for pressure relief than traditional stirrups. Unlike traditional boot pads, Kyra’s pad protects the medial and lateral aspect of the ankle.  KYRA Comfort Stirrup’s curved support rods eliminate dangerous pinch hazards that traditional stirrups present but without the use of hard to clean guards. The unique “blade design” also eliminates potential pinch hazards present when mounting traditional stirrups onto table rails.

The Optional Kyra SECURE-LOK™ Closure Straps eliminate VELCRO® brand fastener straps and are designed to improve infection control.  The Kyra DURAFLEX™ Stirrup Boot design uses anthropometric data that safely accommodates the larger patient seen in today’s OR. The flexible boot cradles larger legs than traditional stirrups. The unique foot section allows extreme inversion/eversion of the foot and eliminates the potential of contact with hard boot boxes present on traditional stirrups.

It is easy to mount and easy to release. The integrated Kyra SECURE-RELEASE™ Clamp reduces costs and makes life less hectic for the OR staff. If the clamp is damaged it can be easily replaced or removed between cases allowing uninterrupted use of the stirrup.
 The KYRA Comfort Stirrups medial-to-lateral foot/ankle closure system moves bothersome straps to the lateral side reducing potential interference with pre-operative prepping. Curved support rods allow more room to access operative space while in high lithotomy position than traditional stirrups.

One stirrup now suffices for all procedures. Kyra Comfort Stirrup’s unique design can be set in any lithotomy position from -55˚ to +85˚ (140˚ range of motion) covering wider ranges of motion for both traditional and robotic procedures. Specialised “robotic stirrups” are limited to a -55˚ to +60˚ (115˚) lithotomy range of motion while tradition stirrups have ranges limited to -35˚ to +85˚(110˚).

For more information, visit https://www.endovision.com.au/, call  00 613 9550 1819 or email info@endovision.com.au