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Latex Mattress Explain What Can Happen to Your Body When You Are Sleep Deprived

There are several consquences of sleep deprivation, one of them being concentration issues, and as little as 24 hours without proper sleep can affect your thinking and decision-making process. Simple choices become complex, and your brain will definitely have trouble focusing when trying to make more difficult decisions. Also, a lack of sleep can lead to short-term memory loss and even exacerbates Alzheimer’s disease pathologies. 

Lack of sleep can compromise your immune system, as it can lower the number of cells available to attack bacteria or viruses. As a result, your body can’t defend itself against diseases and inflammation, and you become more likely to get sick. Also, when you’re asleep, your heart rate slows down significantly, to reduce blood pressure. In other words, your heart gets its own share of rest, in order to perform at its best during the day. However, by not allowing your heart to relax, you may be more likely to suffer from heart disease and hypertension (high blood pressure).

 The negative impact sleep deprivation has on the production of collagen affects the elasticity of skin. However, lack of sleep can also affect the skin in other ways, such as as dullness, dryness, spots and even those dark circles under the eyes that just do not go away.

 Not getting the right amount of rest every night may have an impact on your appetite, making you eat more than you usually would. Less sleep lowers the levels of leptin, (a hormone that suppresses appetite) and increase the production of grehlin (a hormone that increases food intake).

 Finally, your libido may decrease if you’ve been sleep deprived, as it can lead to feeling more stressed, which can lower sex hormone production. In fact, the majority of the daily testosterone release in men occurs during sleep. If we factor in that testosterone is not only critical for reproduction but also has beneficial effects on muscle mass and strength, bone density and overall well-being, it can quickly become a major issue.

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