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Learn to Work in Agile Delivery Teams with Rapid Agile Change Course

Project Laneways’ Rapid Agile Change Management (RACM) attempts to address challenges faced by managers who are leading transformational change. In a world where change is changing leaders are trying hard to find tools that will allow their teams to flourish. The RACM course shows leaders how to connect with teams and get them to align to a common vision.   

Transformational change requires strong leadership as the execution is complex. Leaders need to adapt to the type and scope of change in front of them. RACM is a new approach to change management developed by Dan Skelsey from Project Laneways. He is a contributing author to CMI's Change Management Body of Knowledge an editor and contributing author of The Effective Change Manager's Handbook, and a contributing author to the Local Change Agents Handbook. The RACM approach synthesizes discussions about the issues and solutions with a range of change management and agile practitioners working across several industries.

Project Laneways offers highly accredited change management training, agile project management courses, programme management and Better Business Cases to Australian business professionals.

The RACM course will benefit leaders who need to work alongside agile delivery teams and deal with rapidly shifting needs and priorities, while working with limited resources.  Professionals who attend this course need to be an expert change manager or need to know agile to attend this course. The course covers the basics of agile and change management and shows how they can work together.  

The next RACM course is taking place in Melbourne and Perth on April 7th and 8th. 

Leaders can pick up common agile techniques and practices and deal with clashing mindsets in a typical agile delivery environment. It will help them keep focussed on the goals of change management and the objectives of the change initiative.

Project Laneways also offers intensive courses for more advanced understanding of agile techniques like the AgilePM course. They also offer advanced Change Management courses. 

For more information: https://www.project-laneways.com.au/