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Legally blind local woman finds the world much brighter with her innovative wearable device

Vanessa Barber has little vision due to a diagnosis of Stargadt’s Disease at about 7 years of age. Recently retired from her costume and party hire business which she ran with her husband for thirty years, Vanessa is busy with other pursuits. She has written three books for her grandchildren and was part of a Brisbane based writing grouped called “Writing with a vision’ for many years.

Vanessa finds technology to be her friend and has many devices including a Braille computer and large CCTV screen. One device which has brought joy and colour to her life is IrisVision, which is a breakthrough, remotely connected wearable visual assistive device for people with low vision.

IrisVision can help almost anyone of any age, as long as they have some vision left to access. The most common examples of vision loss are Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Stargardt Disease, Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), Glaucoma, Cataracts, Aniridia, Optic Atrophy, and much more. 

Vanessa has found IrisVision affords her a degree of independence especially when she is visiting art galleries and exhibitions. She can see the exhibits and read the written commentary, rather than relying on anyone to interpret what they see for her. Day trips and travel of any kind is made more memorable with the help of IrisVision. Vanessa recalls the Toowoomba flower festival last year and the huge difference IrisVision made to her enjoyment of the event.

In addition to delivering digital vision correction, IrisVision includes remote connectivity to support, streaming videos, a photo Gallery, voice command and an advanced text-to-speech system. 

For more information and to set up an interview with Vanessa contact:

Lyn Thurnham lthurnham@thurnhamteece.com.au

Phone: 02 4961 6010 or 0418 490 989