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Legrand CRM Price Reduction Allows More Australians To Benefit from their Business Management Solution

Legrand CRM announced today that it will, for a strictly limited time, be reducing the price of Australia's most effective business management software. This decision means that Legrands comprehensive Customer Relationship Management solution will now become more financially viable with Australian businesses the beneficiaries.

Legrands decision represents extraordinary value for money with their CRM package offering far superior benefits to other software on the market. Rather than mere contact management, Legrand CRM provides businesses with a complete customer sales management solution.

Legrand CRM is a networked application that keeps track of all business activities with customers and prospects and delivers immediate access and sharing of critical business information to all people in the organisation. This includes customer information (including the names of all contacts), keywords to separate, classify or select customers, a calendar of recent activities, the ability to plan sales and marketing campaigns, record notes and then track or graph any outcomes.

Legrand CRM is extremely easy to use and works directly with Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word and MYOB. It is a practical CRM system that delivers immediate benefits.

Users can obtain a free step by step Legrand demonstration multimedia CD by contacting them directly on Ph: (02) 8920 2990.

Legrand CRM, Australias Finest Business Management Software - Available from City Software, David Jones, Dick Smith Powerhouse, Domayne, Harris Technology, Harvey Norman Computer Stores.