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LG showcases daily life made easier at LG Home

SYDNEY, Mar. 13, 2019 – Sydney was the host of the seventh annual InnoFest roadshow held by LG Electronics (LG) this week with 200+ distribution and retail partners from across Asia.

Held for the first time in Sydney, LG showed off its vision of the smart home of the future. LG demonstrated its latest and upcoming suite of AI-enabled appliances that are compatible with global platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which VIP guests were able to experience for themselves in a natural home environment, dubbed LG Home.
Aligned with trends for living spaces that offer more convenience and technology integration – LG ThinQ, LG SIGNATURE and 2019 Home Entertainment – are at the core of the exciting new connected LG Home concept. The appliances connect with mobile apps and the cloud to facilitate a more personalised user experience – one that constantly evolves through data analysis and interconnectivity to better meet the user’s needs.
Through usage demonstrations conducted throughout LG Home, including the kitchen, living room, laundry, bedroom and bathroom, visitors see the company’s products in situ and experience what a future smart home could be.
“LG Home is a welcome opportunity to see how our products connect in an Australian home environment and effortlessly fit around our daily routines to make life better,” said Angus Jones, General Manager, Marketing.
More than 200 guests including regional retailers, business partners and the media attended InnoFest, experiencing first-hand the LG Home and how it is redefining the home electronics market and cementing its status as a lifestyle innovator.
InnoFest APAC will be followed by InnoFest events in Europe, Central Asia and Latin America later in the year.