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Linde AG Opts for Equants Adaptive VPN

Flexible adaptive solution meets current and future communications requirements

Equant has signed a three-year agreement with the international technology group Linde AG to develop a 30 site adaptive VPN solution in the Asia Pacific region with additional connections to follow.
Based in Wiesbaden, Germany, Linde is the market leader in the gas, engineering and materials handling segment with approximately 41,500 employees and more than nine billion euros in annual sales.
Linde wanted to expand its IT infrastructure in the Asia Pacific region. The aim was to consolidate the infrastructure and design an IT communication platform that satisfied all future business-relevant requirements. The objective was to make future business locations and services simple to integrate, while facilitating adaptation to changing bandwidth requirements. Linde opted for an adaptive VPN from Equant that is both flexible and scalable, meeting its requirements.
With leased-line and DSL access, Internet VPN (combined with VPN bridge), dial-on-demand routers and remote users as well as a network-based Internet basic outbound gateway, Equant ensures a flexible and regionally-oriented WAN that supports Lindes Asia Pacific expansion plans at every level.
We werent looking for a network based on a single technology, but a network capable of combining a variety of different solutions, said Dr. Peter Wroblowski, CIO of Linde AG. In addition, it had to be an adaptive solution that was both cost-efficient as well as flexible, while at the same time meeting current and future communications requirements. Equant convinced us with its adaptive IP VPN, its international team and its regional expertise.
We are delighted to have secured this contract in the face of strong international competition, said Frank Sommerfeld, CEO of Equant in Germany. It underscores once again the effectiveness of Equants strategy of offering standardised, high-quality and tailor-made communications solutions. When it comes to communications services, scalability, availability and flexibility are of vital importance especially for global players.
Equant Adaptive VPN represents an innovative step in communications infrastructure solutions. Before Adaptive VPN, multinational organizations had to determine the best overall strategy for their network, focusing their choice only on one or two technologies and accepting to deal with this limitation. Through its Adaptive VPN, Equant offers on-demand solutions, allowing customers to pick and choose the best network technologies for each of their sites and applications, while Equant integrates and manages them in single and fully customized communications infrastructure.
About Linde AG
Linde AG, with around 41,500 employees worldwide, generates annual revenues of more than nine billion euros, and is the largest builder of hydrogen production facilities in the world. The company equips virtually all existing liquid hydrogen filling stations, operates Germanys sole hydrogen liquefaction plant, and is a leader in hydrogen refuelling technology.
About Equant
Equant is a recognized industry leader in global communications services for multinational businesses. Equant combines its network expertise with its expanded services capabilities to provide global, integrated and customized communication services to enable its customers key business processes. Equant serves thousands of the worlds top companies, with the industrys most extensive portfolio of communications services and network solutions, including the market-leading IP VPN used by nearly 1,300 global businesses. Equant, a subsidiary of France Telecom, consistently leads industry surveys in corporate user satisfaction.