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Local Businesses Discover a Way to Fight Corporate Giants

It;s Time To Step Back Into The Ring

Sydney North Shore, NSW: Local professional Photographer and Video Producer, Rob Adams has launched an exciting new company, ‘Video By Rob’, whose aim is to help small to medium size business owners looking to get more exposure to their offline business using free channels only fully utilized by the online business world.

Provided that they are created, produced and marketed in the correct way, search engines will display local business video links above generic links, and it is this process that Rob and his team have been researching and implementing to great success; being well in the scope of any local business owner with a website and/or social media presence.

Video By Rob not only offers exceptional high quality professional video production, they take a step further so that local business owners can maximize their videos to grab local audience attention at the exact time they are looking for the kind of product or service being offered.

“The cost of advertising on TV is often just too high for local business owners, and the return of investment relatively low. On free-to-air TV, viewers consider making a specific trip out of their local area to buy and decide it’s too much effort, they loose interest.”, Rob stated.

“Browsing the internet has become a popular pastime and a massive 75% of local business prospects are already looking for many of their purchases online. By being where their customers are, local businesses can take advantage of online promotion as much as any other larger competitor in the marketplace”.

Rob has seen the pain many local businesses are going through trying to compete as a bricks and mortar business against large online outlets. The broader community is beginning to suffer too. With a passion for supporting local community, local economy and local businesses, Rob is looking to help local businesses into the online world, to compete head to head with online businesses through video.

“Many businesses have been disappointed in the past with video creation – often they try to do it all themselves and get lost in the process, or they get a professional video done but then have no idea what to do with it other than placing it on their website, and quite frankly, that offers little return on investment”. Rob said.

Video By Rob’s SEO & Marketing Manager Karen Thomson said, “Local Businesses need to know that they can strongly compete with larger online stores when they use video as a powerful tool in their advertising arsenal”.

Corporate giants know that video marketing is the most affordable and effective long term strategy for promoting business and advertising services and take full advantage of it. It’s time for local business to play them at their own game and fight back to keep local business and communities alive and prospering for many years to come.

As a special 'Video By Rob' launch promotion, Rob will be offering his video production and marketing services at a whopping 50% off the usual price to the first 5 local business owners ready to take their online marketing to the next level (redeemable through August 2015).

About Video By Rob: Rob Adams has been producing commercial photos and videos since 2009. Recently relocating to Sydney's North Shore, he loves the community vibe similar to what he experienced as a child in Tawa, Wellington. His mission is to support local community and encourage local economic growth.

For more information, visit: http://videobyrob.com/welcome-offer