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Marketing Lessons From The Latest Twitter Hack

The Importance Of A Social Media Strategy

On Wednesday 15 July, a coordinated hack on many high-profile twitter accounts such as Apple, Elon Musk, Kanye West and Apple.

Unfortunately, many followers believed this was an authentic post from the ‘real’ account and as such upwards of $US100 000 was lost.

What did this hack tell us?

1. The power of a social media handle

2. The trust you build with your followers

It is imperative for businesses to cultivate their brands online and build a strong following base as it is effectively free PR.

However, without expert help a lot of companies fall short in their Social Media Sydney marketing efforts. Down under, many brands are now seeking advisory services from a Social Media Consultant Sydney to assist them in building effective social media campaigns.   

Furthermore, there is a growing trend from brands and companies to completely outsource one’s social media marketing to an external digital marketing agency. This takes the pressure off internal marketing teams to focus on more offline strategies.

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