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MarketingFX ramps up team

Anna-Greta Pearl joins MarketingFX after five years with the Australian Technology Showcase

MarketingFX today announced that it has appointed Anna-Greta Pearl as a Partner of MarketingFX.
Anna-Greta joins MarketingFX after five years with the NSW Department of State and Regional Development's Australian Technology Showcase (ATS) where she headed up the events and promotion program, substantially increasing brand recognition and profiling for over 300 ATS member technology companies throughout Australia.
As Events and Promotions Manager at the Australian Technology Showcase, Anna-Greta was successful in securing corporate sponsors for the ATS including, Air New Zealand, Intel Australia, Macquarie Bank, Newport Technology Fund, now Neo Technology Ventures, Pacific Capital Corporation, Panasonic Australia, Spruson & Ferguson, Indicim, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
Anna-Greta initiated and managed the ATS Patrons Award, the ATS Investment Ready Award and ATS Technology Week. She successfully instigated and managed several high profile exhibitions at Fox Studios Australia, Wharf 8, the Australian Technology Park and Darling Harbour, with over 400 company exhibits and 3000 attendees from business and Government. Anna-Greta was instrumental in the planning and implementation of several business matching opportunities, including two technology exhibitions around the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and the Rugby World Cup 2003.
Anna-Greta brings a wealth of leadership and experience to MarketingFX, including her skills in developing brands, securing and managing sponsors, planning, driving and managing high profile functions, launches, exhibitions, workshops and briefings.