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Matthew Beeche joins the Sydney Matters Independent Team

Sydney Lord Mayoral Candidate Councillor Angela Vithoulkas today announced that media entrepreneur Mathew Beeche will be running as a candidate for Sydney Matters Independent Team in the September 2016 local Government elections.

30-year-old Beeche, founder of Shoe String Media and the popular online tech start-up publication, Startup Daily, announced his candidacy noting, “when Angela Vithoulkas approached me to join Sydney Matters I had multiple conversations with my team, mentors and fellow entrepreneurs in the tech space. It was through these conversations that I realised joining the Sydney Matters team was an opportunity to have a voice inside local government that intimately understands the pain points and needs of high-growth tech companies”.

Councillor Angela Vithoulks said, ‘Matthew’s passion and knowledge of the tech start-up ecosystem will bring a fresh perspective to the City of Sydney. I believe the City of Sydney’s Tech Start-up Action plan provides a basis for further development, but Australia, and Sydney in particular must keep punching above its weight. We cannot be complacent in attracting, developing and expanding our footprint in this area. If we don’t then another city will. The Sydney Matters Independent team remain steadfastly focused on working with all levels of Government to ensure that Sydney is recognised as globally competitive leader in the tech start-up space.

While Beeche acknowledges that that the City of Sydney are generally proactive in supporting a number of tech-startup and entrepreneurial-related ventures and events, he believes that the City is currently out of sync with the state government and its current innovation projects; and that represents a huge problem.

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“I think that all levels of government should play the role of enabler and exemplar when it comes to supporting their tech sectors” says Beeche. “A perfect example of that is the NSW State Government’s Data NSW platform – an open-source portal of up-to-date information on everything that the state government touches”.

Beeche believes that that the community is missing out on some bright up-start coming up with a solution that has a real-impact because the City’s main focus to date has been more around supporting events and conducting round-table discussions.

“It’s time to stop discussing though” says Beeche. “It’s time to start-doing”.



Mathew Beeche is the founder of Startup Daily one of the country’s leading publications on technology, startups and innovation.

In 2014, Pinstripe Media owned by television personality David Koch purchased forty percent of the business. Beeche now oversees editorial and sales for all publications across the two businesses.

Beeche believes that supporting Councillor Vithoulkas’ candidacy and running as an independent on her ticket is an opportunity for the Sydney tech ecosystem to have someone inside council that actually understands the needs of the sector – that can advocate clearly and passionately on their behalf.

Action is needed because Sydney has dropped from a ranking of number 12 to number 16 when it comes to global startup city-ranking.


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