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Maven Dental eases anxiety surrounding visiting the dentist throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

Maven Dental eases anxiety surrounding visiting the dentist throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, with the use of heightened precautions and procedures for every patient and guest.

Strict triaging procedures have been put in place across 107 Maven Dental practices across Australia in a bid to protect the health and safety of local communities, and ease concerns of infection for patients.

While the delivery of dental excellence and quality of care remains a priority, there have been additional COVID-19 risk mitigation measures implemented within the practice network, nationally.

Patient facing measures include temperature checks, mandatory hand sanitising, social distancing, contactless payments, and an extensive triage questionnaire over the phone and on arrival.

Behind the scenes, practice staff and Clinicians continue to adhere to strict sterilisation procedures, wearing additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and opting out equipment where appropriate to reduce the risk of spreading aerosols and saliva splatter.

With oral health being directly linked to overall wellness, delaying a visit to the dentist should be avoided, even during a pandemic.

Clinical Director of Maven Dental, Dr Fred Calavassy, recently spoke to the minimal risks faced by patients when attending a Maven Dental practice during the pandemic, and what to expect on arrival.

“With correct precautions and procedures, there is minimal risk of patients contracting COVID-19 during a visit to a practice in the Maven network.

“We utilise evidence-based research to make decisions that keep our patients, our teams, and our local communities as safe as possible from COVID-19 despite the challenges which this global pandemic has provided us.

“Probably one of the most important changes to the patient experience is triaging. We use this to gather information to make an informed decision about the treatment risk to the patient, the team and other patients based around both clinical and environmental factors,” Dr Calavassy said.

Screening questions are performed 24-48 hours before an appointment, when the patient arrives at the practice and again once they enter the treatment room.

Clinical Advisor to Maven Dental, Alison Coates, explains why increased mitigation measures have been implemented for every patient.

“We want to be absolutely sure that we are wearing the correct clothing and using the correct instruments. We are asking these questions for the safety of yourself and others,” Coates said.

Increased precautionary measures means that patients can visit their dentist without the worry of an increased risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus.

While dental appointments may look a little different, it remains equally as safe and important to visit a dentist regularly.

Maven Dental looks beyond the dental chair to find ways to enhance overall health and become your partners in wellness for life.

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