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June 2019




DUKE’S mayonnaise is one of three top mayonnaise brands in the United States that is being launched in NSW, Australia by HiLands Foods.  It is also known as the Southern mayonnaise in the United States. Duke’s is a real mayonnaise that has more egg yolks in it than any other mayonnaise products in the market. The high egg content gives Duke’s its famous smooth and creamy texture that you love. Duke’s is the only commercially produced mayonnaise that does not have added sugar. Therefore, it is suitable for sugar intolerant consumers. Duke’s is a century old secret with its unique tangy flavour. Over the past 100 years, Duke’s has cultivated a vibrant history of commitment to family recipes, traditions, and authenticity. This commitment is the reason that our fans love to keep the Duke’s legacy alive.


Mayonnaise Creation


Eugenia Duke created the home-style luscious mayonnaise in 1917. She used special mayonnaise in her sandwich business feeding the many hundreds of hungry soldiers in training. Eugenia’s sandwiches and the mayonnaise that gave them their special flavour were so unforgettably delicious that years after they’d left the camp, soldiers wrote to Eugenia begging for her sandwich recipes and jars of her delectable spread.


In 1923, C.B. Boyd, Eugenia’s key salesman noticed Eugenia’s classic and simple sandwiches were delicious and it was tangy mayonnaise that was truly distinctive and kept people wanting more. While the sandwich business was flourishing Boyd urged Duke to focus her attention to mayonnaise that made the sandwiched flavoursome. Hence, Duke began selling mayonnaise as a separate product. Duke’s Mayonnaise took off and Eugenia sold her sandwich business to her accountant, Hart in order to focus her full-time attention solely on the spread.



By 1929, with the ever-increasing demand for her famous mayonnaise Eugenia was struggling to keep up with the momentum. Again, Boyd advised Duke to sell her business and The C.F. Sauer Company, another family owned, and operated business happily took over to continue spreading Duke’s across the United States. Eugenia served as C.F. Sauer’s mayonnaise spokeswoman, but eventually left South Carolina for California to be closer to her daughter. Always the businesswoman, Duke revived her sandwich-selling enterprise in California and sold her homemade sandwiches to local drugstores and cafes. She operated under the name the Duchess Sandwich Company.



Duke’s Spread



Throughout the 1960s, The C.F. Sauer Company continued to grow Duke’s distribution and popularity, developing it into the brand you know and love today. After an extensive improvement and a major expansion through the mid 1980s and 1990s light mayonnaise was introduced in the Duke’s family of products. Later, Duke’s introduced the squeeze bottle, an innovation that revolutionized mayonnaise packaging. Another packaging revolution followed soon thereafter as companies began to replace their glass jars with more economical plastic ones. Duke’s was quick to follow suit, adopting a plastic jar in 2006.


 The “smooth and creamy” red ribbon was added to the label. The label was originally intended to mark the anniversary year, but Duke’s fans loved it so much that it remains on the jar label to this day. Another noteworthy change came in 2009, when many major mayonnaise brands switched from their classic 32-ounce jars to 30-ounce jars. In keeping with tradition, Duke’s refused to downsize and continues to sell mayonnaise in full 32-ounce jars.


Duke’s Today


In recent years, Duke’s has embraced its cult following throughout the southeast. Jingle and testimonial fan contests, a feature in the Pimento Cheese Please documentary, a brand ambassador program, and sponsorship of local events like the Hanover Tomato Festival and Broad Appétit in the Richmond, Virginia area have brought Duke’s closer to its fan base than ever before.


Duke’s celebrated its 100th anniversary in April 2017. Over the past 100 years, Duke’s has cultivated a vibrant history of commitment to family recipes, traditions, and authenticity. This commitment is the reason that our fans love to keep the Duke’s legacy alive.


Duke’s is the secret to great food. Well, it’s not really a secret these days. Dukes brings zest to your delicious baked dinners, salads and bar-b-cues. Try some for yourself to taste the mayonnaise everyone is talking about.


Duke’s mayonnaise is available in independent fruit markets, convenience stores, ethnic stores and selected IGAs.