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Melbourne City College Australia Launches General English and English For Academic Purposes Courses

Melbourne City College Australia (MCCA) is delighted to announce the introduction of two English Language Training Courses such as General English Course and English for Academic Purposes. The courses have been designed and developed with the aim to make it much simple for the learners to learn and enhance their English language.

These two courses have different outcomes. We have structured the courses taking into account what the international students, who lack communication skills, need in order to be more fluent in English. General English will lay more stress on usage of the English in day-to-day dealings whereas course in English for Academics has been developed with the purpose to make it possible for the students to pursue higher education in Australia by empowering with essential English language skill.

We find students struggling to compete in today’s world of intense academic competition. Most of the international students suffer from language problems which hinders their route to success in their career. English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course is designed for students who want to pursue further study, to prepare students on all aspects of how to use the language in vocational education, get grips on university lectures and academic books and more.

Melbourne City College of Australia is regarded one of the top colleges in Australia where candidates can enroll for short-term and long-term courses. Get trained from experienced faculty, enjoy other curricular activities, take part in career counseling, get access to student support services and more.