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'Mindful Moments'

Taking Mindfulness to the Next Level Add Self-Compassion to Supercharge Psychological Wellbeing

‘Mindful Moments’
Taking Mindfulness to the Next Level
Add Self-Compassion to Supercharge Psychological Wellbeing

SYDNEY: 1st February 2016. Mindful Moments is the newly released book by Australian clinical psychologist, Louise Adams. During her 18 years of clinical practice, Louise has seen the benefits that mindfulness brings to peoples’ lives. In this book, she takes mindfulness to a deeper level by teaching readers the skill of self-compassion.

Louise states: “There are thousands of books written about mindfulness practice. What many books don’t address is what to do when you’ve noticed things about yourself that perhaps you don’t like. This is why I wrote Mindful Moments: to take the practice of mindfulness a little deeper, and to offer people effective strategies to change.”

During her years in practice, Louise has found that many people report that they are their own worst enemy, or that they are hard on themselves. Louise believes that learning to be self-compassionate means replacing self-judgement and shame with a sense of care, concern and a desire to heal yourself.

“The easiest way to describe self-compassion is learning to become your own best friend”, adds Louise. “Self-compassion unsticks us from giving up and allows us to go after the kind of life we really want”. Says Louise.

A growing body of research shows that people who are highly self- compassionate experience less anxiety, depression and stress. Those who practice self-compassion look after themselves well even when things are difficult, are less afraid of failure and are more likely to persevere with things rather than giving up.

Mindful Moments is refreshingly laid out with easy to read text and inspiring pictures. Louise mixes science and psychology with stories from her own and her clients’ lives, making the themes come to life. Louise’s passion for self-compassion oozes out of each and every page. The book includes meditation scripts and practical exercises to help readers apply the skills in their own lives. Mindful Moments also includes a helpful 30 day “kindfulness” plan, in which readers can learn the skills of self- compassion in less than 5 minutes a day.

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Mindful Moments is a book-a-zine available through Wilkinson publishing. It retails for AUS $12.99. The book can be purchased online or in news-agencies throughout Australia.


About Louise Adams:

Louise Adams is a well-respected Australian clinical psychologist who specialises in wellbeing and health. Central to her practice is compassion-based mindfulness, which has profoundly improved not only Louise’s life but those of her clients.
As well as seeing clients in her private Balmain practice, Treat Yourself Well, Louise developed the Treat Yourself Well Online Program, which helps people all over the world develop a balanced approach to weight and health. She also runs training workshops for health professionals and has co-authored with Fiona Walker, APD, The Non- Diet Guidebook for Psychologists and Counsellors.

Louise regularly appears on television, radio and in print media talking about compassion, mindfulness, health and wellbeing. Louise is available for comment or appearances in relation to the release of her new book.

Louise has two websites www.treatyourselfwell.com.au and www.self.net.au Facebook: Treat Yourself Well Sydney
Twitter: @LouiseAdamsstyw

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