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Mobile workforce management maintains the connected worker

Productive and human resources benefits for the off site worker staying connected with mobile workforce management solutions

The success of any enterprise depends on the people who participate in its daily operation. The time management of these people in the past has been handled by manual systems, often Excel spreadsheets. These systems lack any form of automation and irrespective of how experienced an employee is there is always a risk of human error with these manual systems.

CRM, business intelligence, cloud computing, mobile devices and GPS are technologies that have recently matured to a point where companies large and small can incorporate them into the operation of their organisation.

Global Positioning System (GPS) and the rise of connected devices such as smartphones and tablets with Internet access present an opportunity to be more productive and strategic with the allocation of off site resources.

Mobile workforce management technologies help determine the exact location of the “connected worker” relaying real time information which is incorporated into logistic and business decisions. Workforce management solutions are the key to serving more customers in less time, reducing labor costs and staying competitive.

Mobile staff can quickly move between sites and projects developing and maintaining the company's business in any region ensuring compliance with the required quality standards and corporate culture.

At the same time “the connected worker“ benefits from an atmosphere of ordered routine and structured accountability. Leading to improved productivity and lower levels of absenteeism.

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Via: WhaTech