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Motocross Insurance Now Available In Australia

Motocross Insurance Options

Motocross Public Liability Insurance

Like many extreme sports, motocross is relatively inexpensive to pursue, although inherently dangerous. Acquiring and retaining motocross public liability insurance will protect your personal assets against damage to public property as well as the health and safety of others. It’s especially important to insure yourself against these types of accidents when you first begin riding. An unfortunate accident could potentially devastate you financially if you aren’t prepared.

Insuring a Public Motocross Event

When working with the general public it’s crucial to insure yourself against any potential accidents that may arise. Failing to secure event liability insurance for a public motocross exhibition is like playing Russian roulette with your financial future. It’s impossible to predict what may happen when you hold a public event. Unfortunately accidents do happen, and when you’re not insured they could end up costing you a fortune.

Insuring Yourself against a Potential Accident

Anyone involved in motocross knows just how risky riding can be. Accidents are bound to happen to even the most skilled riders. Insuring your own personal health and wellbeing against these events is extremely important. Personal accident insurance provides you and your loved ones with a financial safety net against injury, accidental death, and dismemberment.

Protecting Your Income

It’s all well and good to cover your medical bills in the event of an accident, but what about your income? Can you really afford to miss work due to a motocross injury? Income protection insurance will provide you with a percentage of your income if you are unable to work following a motocross injury. The money you receive may be used to help pay bills while you’re unable to work.

Life Insurance for Motocross Riders

Motorcycle deaths are up to 30 times more likely to occur than deaths involving other types of vehicles. Anybody who rides knows just how dangerous it can be. Having a life insurance policy in place will help protect your beneficiaries against an untimely death due to a catastrophic motocross injury. Choosing the right policy for your needs is an important thing to consider before risking your life in an extreme sport.

Insuring Yourself against Trauma

Although it may not be directly related to riding, trauma insurance is another important thing to consider for any motocross enthusiast. Typically, trauma insurance will protect you and your family against serious medical conditions such as heart attack or stroke. Being injured in an accident isn’t the only way you can risk your health when riding. Studies have shown that extreme sports may put you at a higher risk for suffering a heart attack or other cardiac related illness.


Protecting Yourself from Disability

Disablement insurance is another thing to consider when practicing and competing in an extreme sport such as motocross. Permanent disabilities are a very real thing in such an accident prone sport. Disability insurance helps protect your income against injuries which can lead to long term disabilities. This may cover any type of physical or mental impairment that may prevent you from completing your required duties at work.


With so many dangers in the world of motocross for both riders and spectators it is extremely important to insure yourself against the myriad of accidents which may occur. Failing to do so could have extremely adverse effects on your health, wellbeing, and financial future. It’s important to do your homework and understand which types of policies may be beneficial for your own particular situation.

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