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MOVUS new office launch to be officiated by Hon. Kate Jones

Brisbane, Australia, July 9, 2018 – Brisbane-headquartered company MOVUS, the developer of Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) machine monitoring solution FitMachine®, has opened its new offices today, officiated by the Hon. Kate Jones, Queensland Minister for Innovation and Tourism Industry Development.

MOVUS was a recipient of the Queensland Government’s Ignite Ideas Fund in 2016. It gave MOVUS the opportunity to accelerate the R&D of its FitMachine® solution and provided support in securing long-term contracts.

The company has quadrupled in size from four to 16 current full-time employees and is investing in the next generation of STEM talent with 13 interns working across all four STEM disciplines.

Developed and manufactured in Brisbane, FitMachine® is a world leading solution that combines Industrial Internet of Things sensors (IIoT), software-as-a-service, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to help organisations proactively monitor and manage the condition and operating performance of their industrial machinery. For customers, compelling return on investment is realised via reducing the need for manual inspections, reduction in hazardous work, and minimising the risk of unplanned downtime.

“The opening of the new offices and rapid growth of our team is testament to our clients and the industry in recognising the value of predictive maintenance,” said Brad Parsons, CEO and Founder of MOVUS. “We thank the Queensland Government for recognising the potential in the technology and awarding MOVUS the Ignite Ideas grant in 2016.”

Minister for Innovation Kate Jones said the Palaszczuk Government’s Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas Fund is supporting businesses to turn their ideas into commercial reality. “Movus is a perfect example of the Ignite Ideas Fund supporting an innovative Queensland business grow and create jobs,” Ms Jones said.

“Movus received $100,000 Ignite Ideas grant to develop the FitMachine and due to the success of this project Movus have employed an additional 12 staff and moved into a new office.”

MOVUS serves the manufacturing, water utilities, agriculture, healthcare, tertiary education, mining, oil and gas sectors. It has already secured a growing list of domestic and international clients including Wesfarmers Chemicals, Melbourne Water, University of Queensland, Unitywater, and Bombardier Transportation among others.

For more information, please visit MOVUS website.


Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, MOVUS specialises in Industrial IoT (IIoT). Its FitMachine® technology transforms dumb machines into ‘smarter machines’ and enables this on a global level through consumer styled simplicity combined with world class artificial intelligence.

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