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‘Mummy and Me’ Unisex Bomber Jackets launch in time for Xmas

Melbourne, Australia, 23rd November 2017, Matching Miini releases unisex matching bomber jackets for Mummy to twin with her daughter or son.
Rachel Cahn, the designer and founder of Matching Miini bomber jackets is also a make up artist. When Rachel became a Mum to her little girl, she designed twin bomber jackets for her and her daughter to wear together. Rachel and her daughter used to get stopped in the streets and she started to get orders from friends and strangers. Matching Miini was founded in March 2017.
Matching Miini originally specialised in eclectic designs for Mums and their daughters.
Rachel was then inundated with requests for unisex items and due to demand she has extended the range and is ready to launch the unisex Matching Miini range for Mums who want to twin with their sons and daughters.
The matchy-matchy concept is fun, cute and quirky. It also makes for a great photo opportunity for social media and photo books.

Rachel says: “Matching Miini is an exciting new concept for on trend and fashion forward Mums and their Children. The idea behind the Melbourne label is to create fun and eclectic matching bomber jackets that can be worn by both girls and boys.”

RRP Mums $149.95 and Kids $69.95
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Candice Meisels PR