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Mumpower Shopper Insights

The Habits Shaping the Future (Part 1)

Mums largely hold the cards to household spending. Covid-19 and the aftermath that came with it, meant Mums’ habits (across shopping, relationships and life) changed literally overnight. For the first time in history, we had almost the entire population of Australia internally changing habits en masse, across every part of their lives. Now, as some normality begins, we start to see the permanent outward effect these habits will make to the economy.

From May 25th – June 1st 2020, Mumpower conducted an in-depth Market Research Survey with 440 online respondents, plus 68 phone interviews to uncover exactly how her changing habits will impact the economy moving forward.

This report uncovers:

  • Mums outlook on life versus pre-Covid-19

  • How mothers view and judge themselves

  • Changed shopping preferences and how this impacts her buying habits

  • The renewed path to purchase and the sources that now influence Mothers to buy

  • Where Australian Mothers are spending most versus least

  • How popular industries including: FMCG/Supermarket essentials, Health and Wellbeing, Baby and Childrens products, Home products and services, Entertainment, Beauty, Fitness, Fashion, Eating, Education sectors, Travel, Utilities, Financial providers will be affected

  • The top 5 Product and service categories tipped to prosper

  • The top 5 Product and service categories expected to be challenged

  • How online shopping habits have and will evolve moving forward

  • Likelihood to buy Australia-made/local brands, products, businesses

  • The ways interpersonal relationships have changed between her partner, children, wider community and how these changing dynamics impact the economy

  • What changes Mums made to habits across all factors of her life including: cooking, cleaning, shopping, family activities, care-giving, self-care, fitness, wellness and which habits will remain moving forward

  • In depth look at the effects of changing habits and how brand custodians can re-establish a relevant B2C relationship with this demographic

Mumpower.com.au, Head of Research and Mum Shopper Habits, Christie Nicholas, who has been monitoring mum shopper habits for 10 years, says:

“Mum Shoppers have changed from this experience and will continue to change further. Her daily habits, her motivation, her value system, her goals, and what shapes her is evolving.

And why does this matter? This is critical because Mums continue to be largely in charge of household discretionary spend.  If this economic driver is changing gears, you will notice changes to what she buys, how she buys and why she buys.

By understanding, respecting and responding to shoppers changing attitude, habits and needs, there will be greater and more positive economic consequences for brands keen to bounce back or to continue to thrive.”

The Mumpower data insights address real world, current marketing challenges and opportunities and enable brands and business to drive growth by knowing the facts about Australian mothers’ shopping habits in today’s world.

For more information about obtaining a copy of the report, contact www.mumpower.com.au or to interview Christie Nicholas please contact: ph 0418 511 347 or 03 9598-9128


About the Mumpower Shopping Insights Report and Mumpower:

Mumpower.com.au is Australia’s leading agency shaping brands that speak to Mums. We exist to lead mum-centric brands to next-level brilliance, by continuously involving Mums in brand research studies to assess trends, preferences and shopping predictions.

This is the first survey report in a series dedicated to “Mumpower: Shopping Insights, Trends and Predictions in a post-Covid-19 world.”  All insights are independently produced and sourced from our own Mumpower research panel. Mumpower is solely responsible for all analysis and reporting.