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Mundipharma acquires product to help 1 million Australians with difficulty swallowing medication

Gloup™ makes swallowing tablets and capsules easier and is designed to have minimal impact on medication absorption.

Mundipharma is proud to announce it has acquired the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distribution rights to the medication lubricant Gloup™, from Evomed Pty Limited (Evomed).

Gloup™ is a medication lubricant that helps patients swallow tablets, capsules and powder medications more easily and is designed to have with minimal impact on medication absorption.

More than 1 million Australians experience difficulty swallowingi, including 40-50 per cent of people living in aged care facilitiesii.

Difficulty swallowing can develop at any stage of life and those at most risk include people taking multiple medications, anyone consuming large tablets, people with a dry mouth caused by medication or illness,children transitioning to tablets and oncology patients. It can also develop as a result of Parkinson’s disease, motor neuron disease, dementia and damage to the brain or structures of the head and neckiii.

Crushing tablets or opening capsules can impact the effectiveness and risks associated with some medicationsiv and the Society of Hospital Pharmacists Australia’s Don’t Rush to Crush Handbook recommends the use of medication lubricantsv for patients with difficulty swallowing.

Gloup™ is a slippery gel consisting of food based ingredients that have no known interactions with medications. Gloup™ is designed so that its ingredients break down almost immediately in the acidic environment of the stomach to minimise impact on medication absorption.

“Mundipharma is a trusted source of information and education across primary care, hospital, aged care and retail pharmacy, so I am thrilled that Mundipharma will be able to help even more Australians benefit from this important product,” said Jane Orr, Managing Director of Mundipharma Australia and New Zealand.

“Gloup™ addresses a serious need for many patients who are acutely unwell and may be in significant pain, making this aspect of their care so much easier and more comfortable.”

This deal continues the growth and diversification of Mundipharma’s product portfolio, following this year’s launch of mundicare® Cold Defence, the securing of exclusive Australian and New Zealand distribution rights to PAINmate®, ActiPatch™ and AccuVein® – also from Evomed, as well as the acquisition of Tolmar Australia. This is in addition to the successful PBS listing of a medication for Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma earlier this year.

Mundipharma’s portfolio now includes 37 health care products across pain, oncology, ophthalmology, respiratory, first aid, hydration, the common cold, vein illumination technology and now, medication administration.
Gloup™ is available in vanilla, orange, strawberry/banana, and low sugar cherry, and two levels of thickness, depending on the severity of swallowing difficulty.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional Further information is available from Mundipharma Pty Limited, 88 Phillip Street, Sydney, NSW 2000. Phone 1800 188 009 or email medinfo@mundipharma.com.au.

® MUNDICARE is a registered trademark of MUNDIPHARMA.
PAINMATE is a registered trademark.
GLOUP is a trademark of Paxtree Limited. ACCUVEIN is a trademark of AccuVein Inc. ACTIPATCH is a trademark of BioElectronics Corporation.


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