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MyColourCup Brings Sustainable Solution to Sharing Cups

Picture this scenario: multiple children who are drinking from generic coloured cups. They all put their cups down when finished, but what happens when a child wants another drink? How do you tell which is their cup?

This scenario is played out in day care centres, on sports grounds, at children’s parties and in homes every day. Savvy Alice Springs business mum Shelly Zimmerman has invented a solution to this problem in MyColourCup.

This unique and durable cup can display up to six names on the cup’s rotatable band, making it easy to personalise for each child and then reuse again and again.

MyColourCups were born as Ms Zimmerman tried to train her family to reuse cups they had already used, instead of getting a new one each time they wanted a drink. She couldn’t find the right solution for her family so created it herself.

“After several ineffective behavioural schemes and unsuccessful internet searches I designed what was not available - and ended up with the MyColourCup,” Ms Zimmerman explained.

“This product empowers families by having the ability to easily change names and allow each member to claim ownership of their cup. MyColourCup eliminates arguments over who’s cup is who’s; now I definitely know which cup is mine!” she laughed.

MyColourCups are also sustainable options for businesses like restaurants and cafes that host parties and/or want to give their customers something personal as a memento that they can actually reuse.

“The business name can be included on the cup and each recipient can personalise it at the party or once they get home.”

“My product can help put an end to disposable plastic cups going to landfill and saves water through reuse, making it a greener solution,” Ms Zimmerman added.

MyColourCups are BPA free and dishwasher safe and can be bought in a set of six, with a different colour for each person on the cup (red, blue, yellow, green, orange and purple).

For more information visit www.mycolourcup.com or facebook.com/MyColourCup