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Myionu Launches Short Term GPS Tracking Rental Service In Australia

Daily rental of GPS Tracking gives customers ability to use technology in new ways

About Myionu

Myionu is a division of AffinityOne Pty Ltd based in Perth Western Australia. AffinityOne have been supplying GPS tracking products in Australia since 2006 and in Europe since 2002.  Myionu is a revolutionary GPS tracking platform which has been designed to integrate with almost any GPS Tracking device, on any network, anywhere in the world. In simple terms, if a device can be tracked, the chances are we can deliver location data to the Myionu platform. Applications include: vehicle tracking, personal tracking, asset tracking, container tracking and much more.

Perth, Western Australia.  23rd September 2013

A range of GPS enabled location devices can now be rented on a daily basis thanks to a brand new service from Myionu. Myionu have been supplying GPS tracking products and services in Australia since 2005 and see the short term rental market as a natural progression.

“Customers wanting to hire our product simply complete our secure online booking form and we’ll ship the unit direct to them; when they’ve finished using it, we’ll arrange collection” says Paul Delaney, General Manager at Myionu.

Users have full, unlimited access to the Myionu web based portal which can be accessed from ANY internet connected computer or smartphone (anywhere in the world), with the ability to download a complete range of reports, set up no go areas, even generate alerts when a speed limit is exceeded.

“Having the ability to access this technology without having to invest in hardware or commit to long term contracts will allow our customers the flexibility to use this technology for short term projects, where previously the costs would be prohibitive” continues Paul Delaney.

Having access to a real-time tracking system for a day, or even a week or two makes this an ideal solution, not just for business, but for parents whose children may be going on a school excursion, or situations where the need for real time location based information is required on a short-term basis.

Once a business or individual has experienced the benefits that Myionu delivers in their own environment, making the decision to implement Myionu long term becomes easy to justify. Rental customers will be eligible for a discount against purchased hardware.

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