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NationWide Appliance Repairs offers customers $50 off repairs as part of green initiative

Customers of expert appliance repairs service NationWide Appliance Repairs can claim $50 off their next repair job, as the company attempts to highlight the benefits of repairing appliances rather than replacing them.

Customers looking to have their appliances repaired while also looking to maintain their green credentials should look no further than NationWide Appliances, a repairs company that has recently embarked on a new money-saving green initiative.

The deal, which aims to encourage people to have their appliances repaired rather than replaced, provides an attractive $50 discount off repair jobs. What’s more, interested customers need only cite this article to gain access to the deal.

A spokesperson for NationWide Appliances said: “As a company, we’re passionate about boosting our green credentials and doing what we can to protect the environment. Our throwaway culture is part of the reason climate change has been happening at such an unprecedented rate all over the world, and it is the responsibility of everyone, including businesses, to do their bit to stop it.”

By replacing, rather than repairing, appliances, the amount of material entering landfill increases substantially, taking up precious space and releasing toxic greenhouse gases into the environment.

As attitudes change and companies such as NationWide Appliance Repairs act to reduce such wasteful practices, however, the throwaway culture of recent decades is starting to recede. Hopefully, we will start seeing improved attitudes towards protecting our planet in years to come.

NationWide Appliance Repairs is an appliance repairs service that serves customers across Australia. It services all metropolitan areas and select regional areas too, including the greater cities of Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

The company offers free consultations to all customers, as well as a full warranty service and a same day service for those who call before noon. Their highly trained team of operatives are also able to attend to a wide range of appliances, perfect for anyone in need of fridge repair, washing machine repair, oven repair, or dishwasher repair. Virtually all available brands are covered by the team, from Bosch to LG to DeLonghi.

To find out more about NationWide Appliance Repairs or to book a consultation, please visit https://nationwideappliancerepairs.com.au/ or call 1300 652 100. We also offer specialist rental property services for real estate agents. Remember to quote this article to claim your $50 discount.