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Natural Insect Repellent Company, Vanilla Mozi, Launches In the United States

Vanilla Mozi is an Australian based insect repellent company that produces mosquitoes and bug repelling products that are all natural and luxe.

California, USA – Vanilla Mozi have announced they have launched their unique repellents to the United States of America, after years of establishing and being successful in Australia. Vanilla Mozi produces very effective bug repellent and mosquito protection cream that is an alternative to DEET and chemical sprays.

Vanilla Mozi products are made for bugs, mosquitoes and other biting insects such as the No-See-Ums which are predominant in the USA. When applied to the skin, the cream repels these insects from biting the user and has even been reported to reduce the pains and effect from previous bites. It is highly recommended to use them as daily moisturizers when venturing outdoors, or when going to bed, especially for kids. The Vanilla Mozi candle can also be used indoors or outdoors in conjunction with the cream.

The bug repellent is made using a specialized formula with all natural soothing ingredients and is renown for its beautiful Vanilla scent.

On why the company was moving to the USA, founder of Vanilla Mozi and scientist, Lea-Anne Crawford said, “As mothers, we try and be as intuitive as we can be for children. It was this intuition that lead me to the place I am now - a journey that started with wanting to find a way to protect my babies and their skin from mosquitos, chemicals, and bites.  It is an exciting time as Vanilla Mozi has reached American soil and offers the same protection enjoyed down under. Thank you for allowing us to be here in the USA!”

Vanilla Mozi products are suitable for children, pregnant women, and adults, and are designed to accommodate sensitive skin.

For more information on how to purchase, visit https://www.vanillamozi.com/