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Navig8r hits grand slam with new Crash Cam PRO

In-car digital video recorder with Full HD, camera alerts and GPS tracking

Sydney, Australia, September 19, 2012 – LASER Corporation, IT and consumer electronics accessories company, today unleashed the new Navig8r Crash Cam PRO black box recorder. The brand for in-car digital video recorders, Navig8r has released the next-generation Crash Cam PRO with class leading features such as Full HD, camera alerts and GPS tracking. No longer just a key instrument in air crash investigations, the black box is now a valuable device that provides a reliable and recorded eyewitness account in the event of a driving incident or car collision.

The successor to the popular Navig8r Crash Cam series of products, the Crash Cam PRO includes Full HD 1080p video capture and playback for closer scrutiny of events, as well as a super wide 127 degree angle lens for filming an extensive field of view. Its enhanced lens array and image processor, typically found in digital video cameras, presents unrivalled image quality in any light condition.

The Crash Cam PRO also has built-in shock sensors recording G-Force data, so if and when a car accident or contact with another vehicle occurs, the Crash Cam PRO records the force of the impact. When the car is bumped, video files are automatically saved to prevent being overwritten, whereas other in-car cameras will just continue to write over these files.

A convenient feature of the Crash Cam PRO is the audible and visual warning signals for red light and speed camera locations around Australia. The Crash Cam PRO is pre-loaded with safety camera alerts which also show speed limits on camera approach as well as a distance countdown in metres, so drivers are warned in advance of vehicle speed when coming up to a safety camera.

With GPS tracking, the Crash Cam PRO allows users to view recorded video footage, speed and location taken from anywhere in the world. The Crash Cam PRO records the actual location of any incidents and drivers can play back video (on their PC or HD TV) to watch and analyse vehicle recordings. Images and information include location of travels via Google Maps, as well as latitude / longitude positions, altitude and actual speed of travel.

Equipped with a full screen digital speedometer, the Crash Cam PRO displays actual travelling speed on a 2.4-inch colour LCD screen. The auto on/off recording enables drivers to simply “set and forget” – automatically activating when starting the engine and stopping when the car is switched off. This function is particularly handy for commercial drivers as the Crash Cam PRO comes with an extra long 12v/24v power cord that can be wired directly to the vehicle's ignition or plugged into the lighter socket.

In addition to everyday Australian drivers, the Crash Cam PRO can be employed in a commercial capacity by a variety of occupations and businesses including taxis, couriers, on-the-road sales reps, company vehicle fleets, car hire operators and car dealerships during test drives. The Crash Cam PRO is a driver surveillance tool that ensures, in the event of an incident or collision, or even a robbery, the organisation can establish the driver responsible safeguarding them from undue insurance claims.

The Navig8r Crash Cam PRO will be available from the end of September 2012 and can be purchased online at www.laserco.net or through selected retailers. RRP inc GST: AU$299.

About LASER Corporation
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