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Nearly Two-Thirds of Organisations Say Tech Skills Gap Is Already Impacting IT Audits: New Study Identifies Five Top Skills Auditors Seek to Build

ISACA launches new Transforming IT Audit web site to help auditors adapt and upskill

Sydney, Australia (12 February 2019)—Technologies such as AI are reshaping the future of IT auditors, but auditors are largely optimistic about the future, according to new research from global tech association ISACA.
In the Future of IT Audit: Research Brief, the results of a survey of more than 2,400 IT auditors worldwide, 92 per cent of IT auditors responded that they are optimistic about how technology will impact them professionally over the next five years. Nearly 8 in 10 say their IT audit team has the technical skills and training to keep up with the technology changes affecting them.
Additional good news is that IT auditors are increasingly involved in major tech projects. Thirty-five per cent say they are brought in during the planning phase of such projects, 44 per cent say they have a significant impact on major tech projects in their organisations, and nearly half (47 per cent) say IT auditors will be significantly more involved in these projects in the next three to five years.
Among the new technologies that IT auditors most want to learn more about are:
  1. Predictive analytics (53%)
  2. Artificial intelligence (51%)
  3. Blockchain (48%)
  4. Machine learning (45%)
  5. Robotic process automation (45%)
Those who obtain this knowledge are likely to be in high demand, according to people seeking to hire IT auditors. More than two-thirds (67 per cent) say they have difficulty recruiting auditors with the required technical skills, and 64 per cent say the technical skills gap is having an impact on performing IT audits with a high degree of confidence.
Todd Weinman, president and chief recruiting officer of an audit and GRC search firm, is seeing this reflected in his clients’ priorities.
“The one unmistakable trend I am seeing is a return to the more technical auditor,” said Weinman. “With the heightened attention to cybersecurity risks, companies realise they need IT audit talent with deeper technical understanding.”
New Resource Helps Auditors Navigate the Future
To help IT auditors acquire the skills needed for the future, ISACA has launched a Transforming IT Audit web site, with resources on AI, blockchain, IoT and more.
Among the resources featured are:
  • A free Auditing AI white paper
  • A free IT Audit Career Pathways tool
  • An Audit Outlook video on AI and machine learning
  • Cybersecurity Audit Certificate Program
Resources will be added continually throughout 2019 and beyond.
“ISACA was founded 50 years ago to help individuals navigate an entirely new career: electronic data processing audit,” said ISACA Board Chair Rob Clyde, CISM. “Five decades later, our mission continues to be to help auditors thrive in a technology-driven world, by equipping them with new skills at a faster pace than ever before. Auditors are optimistic about the future of the profession, and we at ISACA are excited for the innovations to come.”
For more information on the Future of IT Audit Study, visit www.isaca.org/futureofITauditstudy. For the Transforming IT Audit microsite, visit https://transformingaudit.isaca.org.
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