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New Colours for Centurion Garage Doors TimbaLook Premium Series

The Finest Finish for Your Facade!

Centurion Garage Doors have launched the new TimbaLook Premium Colour Series for Sectional Garage Doors. Available in eight stylish colours and patterns unique to Centurion, your garage door can add to the elegance of your home, giving you the finest finish for your facade. 

See the new TimbaLook Premium Colour Series range here 

With the use of our Visualiser tool, you can now get a feel what your door will look like before making your decision. Colour changes can be made to the exterior walls and garage door, allowing you to explore the possibilities. The garage door Visualiser is available here 

Why a TimbaLook Garage Door?

TimbaLook has all of the upsides and none of the downsides of a real timber door, providing the warmth of a timber look with the performance of quality steel. This product is light to install and use, unlike real timber doors and is made from innovative design technology to provide stylish and sustainable durability. Unlike natural timber that you will have to re-coat regularly, the TimbaLook Premium Series comes with a 10 year manufacturers warranty. 

The pre-painted steel finish will suit any high-end architecture and deliver superior performance against Australia’s harsh elements. Bringing the natural look to your home, with quality timber looking colours that add style to the exterior of your house. Read more about our TimbaLook Premium range here

This new colour series offers unparalleled protection, with a protective core strip added before manufacture and reduced lead times as there are no external processes needed (e.g. powder coating) Providing you with a stylish, natural finish in a faster timeframe. 

View the full TimbaLook Premium Colour Series range here 

Visit the Centurion Garage Door Website to view our full product range at www.cgdoors.com.au

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