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New Compuware APM Release Gives IT Operations End-to-End Visibility into Application Users’ Experience

Data Centre RUM Extends Monitoring for Mobile, Web and Enterprise Applications, from the Data Centre All the Way to the Edge of the Internet

Compuware Corporation (Nasdaq:CPWR), the technology performance company delivering a new generation of application performance management (APM), today announced new capabilities to its Data Center Real-User Monitoring (DC RUM) solution. DC RUM now arms enterprises with three new major capabilities:

- IT can now regain end-to-end visibility of applications and third-party services that extend beyond the traditional borders of the data center.
- Production operations can now anticipate and prioritise issues using an outside-in view of user performance.
- IT can quantify the performance contribution of browser and mobile devices that is undetected by data-centre only offerings.

DC RUM release makes it possible for production operations to extend insight to mobile, Web 2.0 and third-party services

With this new release, organisations can now ensure flawless user experiences as application delivery channels expand into native and hybrid mobile, and as modern architectures leverage third-party services and Web 2.0 technologies.

DC RUM now integrates with dynaTrace's best-in-class Real-User Monitoring for Mobile & Web, enabling new levels of business insights into users' journeys and conversion rates. Building on integration with Compuware's APMaaS Synthetic Monitoring for Mobile & Web solution, DC RUM now delivers a complete view of all applications, users and application tiers in a single console.

Traditional approaches on the market only deliver a partial view across application types and problems faced. This forces customers to integrate a patchwork of solutions, resulting in longer time to problem identification and resolution, increased reporting complexity and higher cost of ownership. Compuware APM addresses this by simplifying user experience management with a complete, modern approach that includes a unified and comprehensive operational dashboard for production operations and application owners.

Augmenting best-in-class monitoring of enterprise applications, DC RUM now provides visibility into:

Mobile Native, Hybrid and Web Apps: provides production operations and application owners with the insight to manage all of their customer touchpoints in a single solution.
Analysis of Individual User Visits: delivers insight to every tap, swipe and click a user takes through a mobile application or website. Only with visit analysis can organisations truly understand the impact performance has on business results, including conversions, bounce rates and other performance analytics.
Web 2.0, CDN and Other Third-Party Services: removes 70 percent of the blind spots of users' experience for modern web applications. Now teams get visibility into third-party content impact on performance, Web 2.0 (XHR calls) and AJAX readiness, W3C navigation timing metrics perceived render time and more.
Synthetic Mobile and Web Transaction Performance: provides operational visibility, and SLA monitoring and reporting. Powered by the Compuware Performance Network, organisations can gain insight into performance across the globe.
Network Impact on Application Performance: measures both application transactions (e.g. product purchase) and network diagnostics in a single context.  Production operations teams can optimise infrastructure performance to improve application outcomes

"Today's enterprises depend on a complex variety of applications technologies and deployment models to support their business. With the new release of DC RUM, Compuware APM has made it possible for production operations to extend insight to mobile, Web 2.0 and third-party services," said Steve Tack, Vice President of Product Management for Compuware's APM business unit. "Now organisations have seamless analysis of both real-user and synthetic visibility, building on DC RUM's analysis of SAP, Oracle EBS, Microsoft, Citrix-hosted and other enterprise applications."

Compuware APM is the leader in a new generation of application performance management. Unlike traditional APM solutions that are heavy, difficult and reactive, Compuware APM is light, smart and proactive. Compuware APM is built to manage the complexity of today's most challenging modern applications including mobile, cloud, big data and SOA. Compuware APM optimises and monitors tens of thousands of applications for more than 5,000 customers, large and small, around the globe. Through the lens of end-user experience, our customers enjoy faster performance, proactive problem resolution, accelerated time-to-market and reduced application management costs through smarter analytics, advanced APM automation and a unique performance lifecycle foundation.

Compuware is the technology performance company, and we exist solely to help our customers optimize the performance of their most important and innovative technologies - those that drive their businesses forward. Today, more than 7,100 companies, including many of the world's largest organisations, depend on Compuware and our new generation approach to performance management to do just that. Learn more at: http://www.compuware.com.