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New Employment Opportunities Provide a More Balanced Lifestyle to Australian Households

WHAT:  Employment Opportunities in the Care Industry
TARGET AUDIENCE:  Australian families, Qualified Caregivers, Businesses who provide Care including Child Care, Aged Care and Disability Care
TALENT:  Founder and Director of Qualified Carers Bec Furraway who has over 16 years experience in the Care and Recruitment Industries
CONTACT: Bec Furraway. Qualified Carers. Ph: 0435 241 373


The rise in the unemployment rate suggests wage growth is likely to remain subdued for some time, an increase in wage growth would likely require a sustained fall in the unemployment rate. Low wage growth was the result of low employment growth. Over the past year the number of Australians in jobs has climbed just 0.8 per cent while the adult population has climbed 1.8 per cent, said Bank of Melbourne economist Jo Horton. Workers have gone backwards as wage growth has been so low over the past year.The most recent wage price index from the Bureau of Statistics shows an average increase of 2.6 per cent this year until June, significantly below the inflation rate of 3 per cent. The increase is the lowest since the beginning of the records in 1997. Health care and social assistance was one of the most generous industries at only 2.9 per cent.

Qualified Carers is a job site aimed to strengthen the employment rate in the second half of the financial quarter by providing a unique service for families and businesses to advertise and employ Carers Australia wide. They provide a rapidly growing database of reliable and qualified Carers ready to work as and when needed. This is the go-to job site when seeking a qualified Carer and they encourage Carers to sign up by offering free memberships and a place to showcase their qualifications and experience to potential employers. Employers can access Carer profiles outlining their qualifications, work history, relevant checks and references, and with an innovative and effective online video introduction of themselves, Carers can increase the chance of a further interview by 82 per cent.

More and more families are reporting that due to unforeseen circumstances life can become extremely busy and challenging at times, with Care being needed for their elderly parents as well as their children. Reassurance is usually what families are looking for, knowing their children are at home safe being Cared for by a qualified Carer they can trust. Elderly parents want to stay in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible before any transition into a full time aged care facility. With Qualified Carers connecting families with Carers, they can better understand the available options to support and suit all of their care needs, bringing peace of mind and a better quality of life.

The importance of in-home care has risen with current interest in Nannies being eligible for childcare subsidies subject to having the appropriate qualifications. If introduced the rebate will be a big support to families with children that are not suited to a childcare environment. Children with specific needs can also be catered for through the use of a private nanny, becoming a more popular option to reduce stress within the household whilst juggling long or variable working hours. A nanny gives flexibility making life more manageable, giving families an additional choice that suits their needs.

Consumers can benefit from using the services of QualifiedCarers.com.au to find a babysitter, nanny, child care worker, aged carer, disability carer, housekeeper, tutor, house and pet sitter, personal home assistant and much more. It is a portal for job seekers to search for employment as well as for families and businesses to advertise jobs on the site generating employment. No other job site offers access to a searchable and directly contactable database of such an extensive range of available and qualified carers. Families and businesses can advertiseunlimited job vacancies on the job board during their membership period for a small one-off fee.

A small percentage of job sites today specialise in the Care Industry, out of these sites a majority are accommodating for less than 3 Care types. This means there is a huge gap that is not focused on providing employment opportunities to the wider range of qualified Carers seeking employment throughout Australia. QualifiedCarers.com.au is an easy to use way of connecting the entire Care industry with all Care types. Qualified Carers prides on delivering a unique service businesses and families can trust that supports all their family and client Care needs at one central location, going above and beyond to provide more value than other job sites in the Care industry.

QualifiedCarers.com.au is a job site connecting Carers with employment opportunities within the Care Industry Australia wide, bringing employment solutions not only to carers, also to families and businesses giving access to a searchable and contactable database of qualified and experienced Carers directly and instantly. As Qualified Carers specialises in the care industry it allows families and businesses to target their advertised vacancies directly to experienced, reliable and available Carers. Often families are so overwhelmed with the upkeep of their homes and work commitments, it is easy to overlook quality time with loved ones that is necessary in todays society to have a balance in life and healthy strong relationships.

Qualified Carersaims to stimulate employment ideas and opportunity to families through Carers who can bring immeasurable quality of life to household members. By implementing a day to day schedule and providing peace of mind that daily routines and chores are covered, parents can arrive home to happy, relaxed and organised loved ones, freeing up much needed quality time on a daily basis. Families often push themselves to ‘make do’ in life and free time becomes a luxury that many don't have. Life can become stress free and more manageable with time freed up to live a more fulfilled life with the support of an in-home Carer.Reach out and start enjoying a more balanced lifestyle at QualifiedCarers.com.au.


For further information contact:

Bec Furraway

Email: becfurraway@qualifiedcarers.com.au

Ph: 0435 241 373

Website: www.qualifiedcarers.com.au