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New Garden Shed Designed Specifically for Unit Developers

Sheds4Less announces a new garden shed designed specifically to meet new DA requirements for outside storage space.

Sydney — March 4, 2013 — Today Sheds4Less  announced the latest garden shed to be developed specifically for the Australian shed market

Alex Cochran founder of Sheds4Less today announced;

“We are really proud to bring this new garden shed onto the market. Recently a number of our customers in the unit development market asked us for a 6 cubic metre shed. This was something that we did not make, when I asked why 6 cubic metres, they said that it was becoming common for multi-unit development approvals to contain a clause that stipulated that 6 cubic metres of outdoor storage space must be provided for each dwelling. Here was an opportunity.”

From concept to reality in 6 weeks.

“Once we realized that there were few shed options available that met this need, we sat down with our engineers and designed a skillion roof shed that could be easily placed against an outside wall, that had a sliding door to reduce space requirements, but crucially provided 6.3 cubic metres of space. This shed was fast tracked in our production facility and six weeks later it is available for sale” Cochran said.

 “Not only were we able to get this shed onto the market in less than 6 weeks, we were able to get it under $400 for the galvanized version.” “We believe that this garden shed will become the first choice for developers who want to provide useable outdoor storage space for their multi-unit and townhouse developments” he went on to say.

The new Sheds4Less developers shed measures 2.3 x 1.5 x 1.8 metres and has a single sliding door. It provides 6.3 cubic metres of outside storage space.

About Sheds4Less

Founded in 2012, Sheds4Less is a pure online garden shed retailer that has developed products and systems to make buying, erecting or installing a garden shed cheaper and easier.



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