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New Mobile Media Broadcasting Communication Solution

Create your own internet presence for any mobile device in less than an hour

Melbourne, VIC March 2011: OzMiz innovation continues by offering a self-service platform for non-technical people to compose and publish mobile media Channels for their organisations. This platform is ideal for publishing information to the small screens of smart phones, at minimal cost.

Sold as a subscription service, PubMiz lets organisations 'create-and-edit’, ‘copy-and-paste’, and use templates to speed up page design and quickly modify print or web material to mobile devices. It is ideal for refitting existing material into mobile media channels for reaching new viewing audiences.

Anyone can produce small-screen versions of their publications - newsletters, catalogues, web sites, brochures, guides, promotions, websites, manuals, alerts, phone lists, job instructions– broadcastingthem as anew mobile media Channel within the hour. You can preview pagesas you go and test the messaging services prior to going ‘on-air’.

PubMiz also provides a faster, simpler way for audiences to select and view information. PubMiz provides a small-screen controller with which viewers adjust font sizes, scroll screen pages and use a Channel Selector to organise and select their information Channels.

OzMiz has significantly reduced production time to producephone screen versions of brochures, newsletters, websites, portals, directories or instruction manuals for mobile publications. PubMiz optimises pages to match the device screen so that organisations can deliver comprehensive information that is clear and easy to read.

There are ready made forms for viewer feedback, (“tell-a-friend”, “please contact me”) and an easy-to-usecontact book with message templates to use when broadcasting your publication links to mobile phones, either by SMS or email.

Publicationscan have password protected Channels for restricted viewingfor specific audiences, with viewer tracking - very useful in cross-media and lead generation activities.

Pricing will appeal to all groups, with monthly fees ranging from $30 to $150 depending on Channel packages and messaging capacity. Customisation and training is available for organisations wanting an in-houseversion of the platform. OzMiz says its solution is extremely competitive, reaching a far wider variety of phones than the ‘app’ approach, avoiding high start up costs and getting publications on-air in under an hour.

A trial system is available at www.pubmiz.com/dp for organisations to produce live mobile publications and investigate their own uses.

For more about the Company, see www.ozmiz.com.