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New theatre investment improves surgical outcomes

St John of God Murdoch Hospital has invested $2.5m to improve clinical outcomes for surgical patients by implementing the latest cutting-edge imaging technology, becoming the first private hospital in Western Australia to offer these systems.


The Olympus VISERA ELITE II System with 4K, 3D and Infrared surgical modes are designed to increase accuracy, speed and precision during surgery and have been made available in eight of the hospital's 16 theatres.

Seven of these are mobile, meaning they can be moved to each specialist theatre and one is fixed and offers 4K, 3D and Infrared (IR) capabilities.

The system offers different observation possibilities such as narrow band imaging and infrared imaging. Infrared imaging is particularly important for gynaecological oncology procedures such as sentinel lymph node mapping, colorectal liver metastases and biliary identification during laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

The hospital has also acquired an additional system – the Olympus 4K System.

The Olympus 4K surgical platform to be used for primary and revisional laparoscopic procedures, offers true 4K image quality at four times the resolution of Full HD and utilises a wider colour gamut (BT2020) with over one billion colour combinations allowing for greater accuracy, speed and precision during surgery.

Improved patient outcomes

Perioperative Services Manager Dave Ramsay said the two new systems will be used for a range of surgical procedures in the areas of Upper GI, Bariatric, Colorectal, General, Gynaecology, Cardio Thoracic and ENT.

“Having the cutting-edge laparoscopic systems in our theatres means surgeons have the ultimate view of their surgical field,” he said.

“As one surgeon aptly put it, it means they have a view of open surgery combined with the magnification of a telescope.”

CEO, Ben Edwards said investing in the latest technologies was imperative for patient care.

“We are proud to have such highly-skilled specialists using these cutting-edge technologies across the hospital and we will continue to invest in future medical technologies which support improved patient outcomes,” he said. 


SJOGM_1.JPG - The St John of God Murdoch surgical team

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SJOGM_2.JPG - The new Olympus 4K surgical platform in use during surgery

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SJOGM_3.JPG - The new Olympus 4K surgical platform in use during surgery

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SJOGM_4.JPG - The new Olympus 4K surgical platform in use during surgery

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About St John of God Murdoch


St John of God Murdoch Hospital, part of St John of God Health Care, is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to furthering the values and healing mission of Jesus Christ.

Established in 1994 to provide comprehensive, quality health services for patients in Perth’s southern suburbs, St John of God Murdoch Hospital is now one of Australia’s leading private health campuses.

The hospital has 507 beds including a 20-bed hospice, a 24-hour emergency department, 20-chair Cancer Centre, and a wide range of clinical and diagnostic services including medical, surgical, paediatric, maternity, and critical and coronary care.

For more information about St John of God Murdoch Hospital please visit www.sjog.org.au/our-locations/st-john-of-god-murdoch-hospital

About Olympus Australia & New Zealand

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